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Worried About Your Energy Bills As An Australian In 2023?
Worried About Your Energy Bills As An Australian In 2023

Worried About Your Energy Bills As An Australian In 2023?

Published on:
November 2, 2023

With the rising cost of living affecting many Aussie households, we understand that receiving a higher bill than usual can cause additional stress. And as energy price rapidly increases in Australia in 2023, you might worry more.  

So are you worried about your energy bills as an Australian in 2023? If you are, then it’s time to relax. We will discuss what can influence your energy bill and how you can take control of your usage.  

But first, let’s get you up to date with your energy bills. 

What's Inside Your Energy Bill?

Electricity retailers typically charge you in two ways: fixed charges and variable charges. 

The fixed charge is a daily fee for your power connection. Fixed costs are identified separately on your bill. And it is commonly referred to as the ‘daily supply’ or ‘service to property’ charge. 

On the other hand, the variable charge is the fee for each unit of electricity or gas used. It is also known as the ‘consumption’ or ‘usage’ charge. Some bills may include multiple variable charges. 

What To Study After Getting An Energy Bill?

  • Electricity and gas bill examples 
  • What to do if you believe your bill is incorrect 
  • What to do if you are having difficulty paying your bill 
  • Has your bill risen or remained stable 
Remember that retailers’ bills are arranged differently and may contain slightly different information. Contact your retailer or visit their website for more information about your bill. 

So Have You Received An Unexpectedly High Bill?

You can get a high bill for several reasons. It is critical to first determine whether the bill is correct. Some of the causes we’ve identified include: 

Seasonal Changes

Seasons directly impact how we use energy. You can use air conditioners to fight the harsh Australian heat in the summer. And in the winter, turn the heaters and electric blankets to keep yourself warm and cosy. 

Hence, we recommend comparing your bill to one from last year.  

We can also adopt smarter energy usage habits seasonally. Avoid the winter chill by heating your main living areas rather than individual rooms. Also, you can set your heater to 18–20 degrees. Each degree above requires 10% more energy.  

You should set your air conditioner to 24°C in the summer. Each degree lowers the usage to 5% more. Keeping the doors closed and drawing the curtains can trap air. Eventually, it will keep your house cool.

Make The Switch To Solar Energy

Solar PV panels are an excellent way to generate electricity while lowering utility bills. However, owning solar panels only doesn’t solve the high energy bill issue. Properties with high power bills and solar may experience one of three problems: 
  • Lack of understanding about the capabilities of their solar panels. 
  • Due to a maintenance issue, performance has been reduced. 
  • A metering or billing issue. 
Getting a trusted installation company can solve most of these issues. They can show you everything you need to know about solar panel system and how to maintain it. It would help if you also used an energy monitor to analyse your usage correctly.  

Check Your Tariffs

There are several varieties of tariffs available in the energy market. They’ll be either a flat rate or a time-of-use tariff. If you have a single-rate tariff plan, there are no peak or off-peak periods, so you pay the same rate whenever you use energy. 

A time-of-use tariff means that the power price varies throughout the day depending on whether it is a peak demand period. Examine your bill to determine which tariffs you are on. And if you have a solar system at your home, you can enjoy feed-in tariffs from the grid. 

Examine The Meter Read Type

In some cases, your local distributor may send you an estimated reading. It is usually due to access issues or severe weather events. Your meter-ready type should be on the second page of your bill. Check the Australian energy regulator for more information. 

Are You Entitled To Any Rebate?

rebates available for energy bills
If you have a valid concession card, it will be on the discounts and rebates section of your bill. The local and federal government has many rebates available for individuals. You should check out Clean Energy Council’s (CEC) information for new rebate updates. 

Analyse Your Energy Schemes

You need to keep a touch base on your energy plan or scheme. Your discount might have expired. If it has, it is time to select another. You can replace it anytime. It only takes a few minutes. 

Therefore, you can manage your bills easily. 

Conduct An Energy Audit

Some appliances use more electricity than others. There are a few ways to determine which devices use the most power. To begin, you can conduct a home energy audit. It is an excellent first step toward understanding your usage habits.  

Second, our energy-saving tips can ensure you get the most out of your appliances by providing optimal settings. I will allow you to save money without sacrificing comfort.  

Finally, smart devices can assist you in taking control of your usage. From smart heat pumps to smart monitors can tell you how much power you’re drawing from the grid at any given time. Investing in energy technology could help you save money in the long run. 

What If Your Bill Is Incorrect?

If you figure there is an issue with your bill, contact your company, and they will investigate any issue regarding these. 

Even if you believe there is an error on your bill, you should pay the portion of the statement that you think you owe. It will ensure that your debt doesn’t increase while they investigate. It also demonstrates that you are a model citizen who pays your bills regularly.  

Do You Suspect Your Meter Is Malfunctioning?

If you believe your meter is not correctly recording your usage, you can request to test it. The company should arrange a repair and fix any errors on your bill. 

If the meter is functional, you may be required to pay for the meter test. Usually, there is another reason for an unexpectedly large bill. Investigate other probable causes of the high bill before requesting a meter test. 

You Have Rights As A Customer

Energy is a necessary need, and everyone must have access to it. Many laws are in place to protect you and provide consistent safeguards in selling energy to customers. 

The National Energy Customer Framework (NECF) applies to ACT, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and Tasmania residents. Local legislation protects energy consumers in the Northern Territory, Victoria, and Western Australia. 

Solar Emporium Is Here To Assist You

We are here to support and assist you with your energy needs. Call us or get a free solar solution and energy audit quote. All our services and packages are designed based on your needs. Trust us and become a promoter of renewable energy for a sustainable future.

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