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Ever wondered how sunshine can turn into savings? Our solar systems do just that!

Sunshine is more than just light; it's the earth's most plentiful energy source. With our smart solar systems, we turn those sunny rays into clean, reliable energy for your home. Feel good about using renewable energy while saving money on your electricity bills. Let's make the most of the sunshine together!.

Understanding Your Solar Power System: The Three Key Components and How They Work

Solar panels

Our solar panels are installed on your roof to capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. As they soak up the sun, they transform it into clean, renewable energy. Our systems are grid-connected, so when you generate more electricity than you need, the excess gets sent back to the grid.


These devices convert the direct current (DC) electricity from the solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity, which is the type you use in your home. This renewable energy powers your home and can even be sold back to the grid when you have extra.

Solar battery

Our system ensures you can maximize your solar energy use. Batteries store any excess energy generated during the day, so you have power at night. They take this stored energy and convert it back into electricity for you to use during peak times, ensuring your home runs efficiently on solar power.

How Do Solar Power Systems Work with Grid Energy?

Keeping you connected

Our solar power systems are designed to be grid-connected, allowing any excess solar energy your home generates to be sold back to the grid. This means you can earn credits on your power bill for the extra energy you produce, increasing your energy efficiency and cost savings.

These systems also work seamlessly with the energy grid to ensure you always have enough power. If there’s less sunshine or your solar battery can’t meet your energy needs, the grid provides the additional power you need, ensuring continuous and reliable solar power.

Our team manages your battery to optimize the cost of the energy you use from the grid. We ensure you purchase energy at the most cost-effective times for your home, maximizing your savings and efficiency. By optimizing your solar system, we help you achieve the best energy savings and reduce your carbon footprint.

The sun’s calling

Switching to solar can be a daunting process. But once we’ve helped you work out which of our flexible solar options works for you, the rest is a simple, streamlined process we’ve been perfecting over many years. From there, you can enjoy the many benefits.

Lower monthly power bills

Enjoy lower energy costs and save money on your power bills.

Options to suit your home

 We’re here to find you the best solution.

Ongoing support

Our team is committed to optimizing your system, maintaining the technology, and maximizing your savings.

Living on good energy
Streaming solar means you’re doing your bit to significantly decrease your carbon footprint at no cost to your home comforts.

Every review tells a story, the story of a customers experience.

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