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Sungrow Battery


Say goodbye to skyrocketing energy bills and embrace a brighter, more sustainable future. As the premier energy storage solutions provider in Australia, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way you power your life. 

Sungrow Solar Batteries

With over 154 GW of Solar PV systems around the world using Sungrow inverters as of December 2020, it’s safe to say they’ve more than earned being one of the best-known names in solar. 

First opening their doors in 1997, Sungrow has since dedicated themselves to innovation and forward-thinking processes, and their portfolio includes PV inverter solutions and energy storage systems for residential, commercial and even utility applications, with their floating PV plant solutions receiving international recognition.

At Solargain we’re proud to offer a range of Sungrow inverters that are well equipped to meet the solar energy needs of almost any residential solar installation. Also available is the Sungrow SBR battery, a highly adaptable and powerful solar energy storage system that makes for the perfect pairing with any Sungrow inverter, and can be easily retrofitted into a single-phase solar energy installation to make the most of your solar.

Sungrow Solar Product Line-Up

Sungrow SBR-LFP Solar Battery

The Sungrow High Voltage LFP Solar Battery range consists of seven different models, designed to meet diverse energy needs. Utilizing prismatic LFP cells, they offer 100% usable energy and allow 30A continuous charging and discharging. With authorized certification and multi-stages protection design, these batteries ensure top-notch safety.
3.2KW Sungrow SBR High Voltage Battery Modules only.
100% usable energy with 30 A continuous charging and discharging current.
Multi-stages protection design and authorized certifications.
Extendable during lifetime, supporting 3-8 modules per unit, with max. 4 units in parallel, covering 9-100 kWh capacity range.
Compact and light, allowing single-person installation, with plug-and-play and wiring-less connection between modules.
10 Years of product warranty ensures reliability and long-term service.

Benefits of owning a Sungrow for your home

Owning a Alpha-ESS can provide numerous benefits to homeowners in Australia. From reducing electricity bills to increasing energy independence and reducing your carbon footprint, the SMILE system is a smart home solution worth considering. With its advanced energy management and monitoring features, it is a valuable investment that can increase the value of your home and provide peace of mind during power outages.
  • High energy density battery, enables Alpha ESS to design a compact and elegant design.
  • Modular design allows quicker installation.
  • Pleasant design will complement any domestic home aesthetics.
  • Modular design allowing extension whenever wanted, allows for expansion from 8.2 kWh to 49.2 kWh system.
  • With such flexibility, the SMILE-T10-HV with 8.2kWh expansion battery modules makes an excellent solution for households of multiple sizes.
  • Alpha ESS system has high output power and usable energy ratio, the system can reach 25A max charge and discharge current.
  • They can reach 90% usable ratio.

LiFePO4 chemistry battery has been widely recognized as one of the safest battery.

  • LiFePO4 chemistry features stable structures and its thermal runaway temperature is over 480 degree.
  • That’s 100% higher than other Li-ion chemistry battery.
  • It’s designed for residential and commercial applications with absolute safety.

LiFePO4 batteries are in use in a number of applications:

  • ESS – Energy Storage System (ESS) for Frequency regulation, renewable energy integration with solar and wind, micro gird application, telecom application and back up power.
  • EV – Electrical Vehicles (EV) in transportation area.
  • HESS – It has been widely applied to distributed, stationary energy storage like Home Energy Storage System (HESS) now.
  • Alpha ESS SMILE-T10-HV with 8.2.6kWh battery storage has been designed for seamless integration between the inverter and the battery, so installers have no need to configure the communications parameters between the inverter and the battery to ensure the system operates correctly.
Doesn’t require expensive cooling and ventilation systems
8000 cycles, 5 year product warranty, 10 year performance warranty when installed by a qualified installer/electrician.
Easy to be mounted on the wall or stand on the floor
  • IEC62109-1&2, IEC62040.1
  • Australian CEC Accredited

A personalised Battery package for you

With our personalized Alpha-ESS Battery Package, we take into account your energy consumption patterns, lifestyle, and goals to create a bespoke solution. Our team of experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your home’s energy requirements and design a system that perfectly aligns with your needs. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your energy solution is not only cutting-edge but also tailored specifically to your home.

Our personalized Alpha-ESS Battery Package goes beyond just providing you with a battery. It encompasses a comprehensive suite of services, including professional installation by certified technicians. We handle all the technical details, ensuring a seamless integration of the battery into your existing solar system or assisting you in setting up a brand new solar energy system. Rest assured, our team will guide you through every step of the process, making the transition to clean, renewable energy a breeze.

There are numerous operational settings available for the AlphaESS SMILE5. You can maximize your system’s performance with the features and customize with what best suits your needs thanks to its straightforward interface and remote monitoring. These solar batteries have cutting-edge German design and provide great results and remarkably extended lifecycles. They can surely help you save more bucks and help you track the real time performance of the battery.

Experience the freedom and efficiency of personalized energy solutions with Alpha-ESS. Discover how our Battery Package can transform your home into an energy powerhouse, while also making a positive impact on the environment. Take the first step towards a sustainable future – let us create a personalized Alpha-ESS Battery Package that’s perfect for you!

Every review tells a story, the story of a customers experience.

Please come to Solar Emporium
Am so glad that i chose Solar Emporium, big thank you to William and Chantelle, they did everything to help me, thank you so much. Please come to Solar Emporium.
a month ago
Professional and good
Team is really cooperative and helpful. They are really professional and good operations and installation team. They have guided me really well and given the best possible design suitable for my house.
4 months ago
My experience with solar emporium can be summed up with one word. Excellent. Daniel, sales consultant, and Hassan, ops manager, have been friendly and super helpful even with my many calls and my confused sounding questions. We were informed at each stage on what to do including after sales assistance.
6 months ago
Very helpful, and friendly
Had my system installed earlier today from Solar Emporium. My consultant Daniel was very helpful, and friendly. He explained things to me in a way that were simple and made sense. I feel like other consultants I had spoken to were very pushy sales people who didn’t explain Feed-in tariffs, processes...
7 months ago
Great job
ASK FOR DANIEL! Started looking around for Solar sometime ago and I was contacted by multiple retailers until I spoke with Daniel at Solar Emporium. He was very helpful, knowledgeable, and honest. We were paying over $700 a quarter on electricity with no relief in sight. Following Daniels...
7 months ago
So impressed by the service
I have purchased my mum solar from Solar Emporium. I was so impressed by the service, advice and help that Michelle Norrey and Nazik Ahmad provided that I purchased my own with absolute confidence. Given all the different products and companies that offer Solar it was difficult to...
10 months ago
Highly professional
The service and advice from Will was highly professional and he patiently answered all my questions. The installers were all lovely and respectful of my property. If you’re after solar I highly recommend Solar Emporium
8 months ago
Process went very smoothly
I had my solar installed by solar Emporium recently and the process went very smoothly from the beginning speaking with William in sales who was very thorough to installation which was professional and fast. Definitely look at these guys if you are looking to get solar. Thank you so much guys for job you ✔
10 months ago
Five stars from us
Five stars from us, William has given exceptional support through the process, job completed on date planned workman polite explained placement of panels clearly all rubbish removed. Follow up calls from William and Chantel appreciated
Jan 09, 2024
Really supportive!
Ellis Lewis was fantastic from start to finish. He was super informative, really friendly, and we genuinely felt that he was trying to help us find what was best for us. In the end we opted to go with Solar Emporium amongst...
Jan 05, 2024
Friendly staff with Prompt Service
Thank you Solar Emporium for your helpful and friendly service.You did everything you promised. The installation went through without any glitches and we are looking forward to reaping the savings benefits.
Feb 17, 2024
Fantastic service from start to finish
The team at Solar Emporium have been fantastic right from the start. We started having conversations in Nov’22 with Daniel. We couldn’t commit to anything at that time as we were welcoming our second child into the world. Daniel was really lovely and stayed...
Dec 11, 2023
Knowledgeable and great to deal with
Everyone I interacted with head informative and friendly, and I did not feel pressured as I have been with other solar groups. The quotes sent were easy to understand and professional. Zac was great...
March 04, 2024
Positive Experience and Outcomes.
Just a quick note to thank you for your efforts and professional standards for the solar system recently installed. The system was signed off with no issues. A word on the installation team - Fantastic. The guys worked all day on Saturday through some light rain...
Apr 12, 2023
Great company to deal with
Solar Emporium were great to deal with and very helpful at each stage of the installation process. The solar panels on my roof work great and I highly recommend this organisation for solar panel installations.
Mar 10, 2023
Very good customer service and outcome
The install location was challenging, but once the obstacles got worked out, the system was installed at the quoted price and was very professionally done. Very happy with the outcome, thank you.
Feb 22, 2024

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