Alpha ESS Battery Review For 2023 By Solar Emporium

Alpha ESS Battery Review For 2023 By Solar Emporium

Alpha-ESS is one of Australia’s leading solar battery brands. They have competed with global competitors with an impressive 300% annual growth rate.  

Their production capacity is also noteworthy. They are producing up to 1 Gigawatt of batteries annually. 

Their popularity in the residential market prompted us to make this review. So here goes the Alpha ESS battery review for 2023 by Solar Emporium.

Background on Alpha ESS

Alpha ESS stands out for its commitment to offering comprehensive training and support to installers, engineers, and consultants.  

With a user-friendly installation process and a monitoring platform, users can be confident that their battery will seamlessly integrate with their solar system. And it will ensure optimal performance for years. 

Alpha ESS, a Chinese energy storage systems manufacturer, primarily caters to residential and commercial markets on a global scale.  

The acronym “ESS” comes from “Energy Storage System.” Founded in 2012, the company recently relocated its headquarters to Suzhou, China. Alpha ESS operates through over ten local subsidiaries and offers services in more than 50 countries. 

In 2015, Alpha ESS established an office in Australia and quickly became a part of the South Australia home battery scheme in 2018. Soon after, they started production at full capacity.  

Alpha ESS produces a range of products. The Smile series is for the residential energy storage market. The Storion series is designed for the commercial sector. And an industrial-scale battery enclosed within a shipping container.

Product Information

Alpha-ESS has a huge range of commercial batteries. On the residential side, Alpha-ESS has the Smile Series with different ranges of solar battery sizes to suit all residential purposes. 

Unlike competitors like Tesla and LG, with just one model, Alpha-ESS gives you three size options to fit your energy requirements – 5.7, 10.3 and 13.3 kW.

Alpha ESS Residential Battery System – Alpha ESS SMILE

Alpha ESS battery

The Alpha ESS Smile series is designed for residential purposes. This series unifies a hybrid inverter, a battery system, and a storage unit to accommodate separate ‘battery modules’ for capacity expansion.  

The hybrid inverter serves a dual purpose. It sends solar power directly to the household. In real-time, it converts battery power to usable AC power. While you buy the batteries separately, they integrate into a single aesthetically pleasing unit. 

During a blackout, the Alpha ESS system can supply clean power to a home or business. Importantly, this technology is built into the system, eliminating the need for additional costs or components, contrasting to other battery systems.

Alpha ESS Smile 5 Solar Batteries at a Glance

The SMILE 5 series is equipped with a 5kW hybrid inverter.  

It can also be upgraded with four distinct-capacity batteries. Ranges are from 2.9kWh to 13.3kWh. These can also be expanded up to 80kWh. 

  • The Smile-5 series is a complete unit of batteries, an inverter, and a battery management system. 
  • It offers blackout protection and ensures constant power supply during outages. 
  • It has outstanding solar storage capacity and efficiency. 
  • The Smile-5 series features an innovative and stylish design with durability. 
  • After Alpha ESS Wi-Fi setup, the solar battery can receive real-time software updates.  
  • The product is backed by a 5-year warranty, with a 10-year warranty for the battery itself. 
  • Minimal maintenance is required post-installation. 
  • The residential Solar Battery is available in storage capacities ranging from 2.9 kWh to 34.2 kWh. 
  • These Smile-5 series batteries support 24/7 monitoring, ensuring continuous performance tracking. 

Whether you want to install a solar panel system in your home or already have one, the Alpha ESS solar battery can seamlessly work with your existing solar panel system.

Alpha SMILE B3 Review

The Alpha Smile B3 Plus has a 3 kW output and a minimum capacity ranging from 5.04 kWh to 30.24 kWh. These ranges make it perfect for homeowners who need to increase their battery storage in the future but want to avoid paying high installation costs. 

The Alpha Smile B3 is compatible with both AC and DC energy.  

The Alpha Smile B3 Plus is equipped with LFP technology. It is one of the safest Lithium batteries available in the Australian market. It has an IP65 classification.  

This Alpha series is suitable for outside installation and has an operating temperature range of -10 °C to 50 °C. That makes it ideal for our harsh climate.

What is the Price of Alpha ESS Batteries?

solar battery

The price of Alpha ESS batteries can change based on several things. The prices depend on the battery’s capacity, installation type, and location.  

Generally, a 10 kWh Alpha ESS battery system is approximately $8,500 to $10,000. On the other hand, systems with a 10-20 kWh capacity cost around $12,000 to $15,000 or more. 

These are only approximate values. Contact Solar Emporium and check out our Alpha ESS page to know more.

Alpha ESS Products-

Alpha ESS SMILE5 5.5kWh $8,500 to $9,000 ($AUD) 

Alpha ESS SMILE5 11kWh $12,000 to $13,000 ($AUD) 

Alpha ESS SMILE5 16.5kWh $15,000 to $17,500 ($AUD) 

It’s better to compare the expense of a battery with the potential savings on your electricity bill. Use a Solar Calculator to compare the costs.  

Benefits of Alpha ESS Solar Battery

Several factors made Alpha ESS one of Australia’s top residential solar storage solutions.  
  • Installation of the Alpha ESS solar battery is a hassle-free process. 
  • Its German design guarantees durability and high-energy storage performance for residential use. 
  • These batteries are made from lithium iron phosphate, a chemically safe and secure battery choice. 
  • User reviews confirm the eco-friendliness and highlight their absence of toxic emissions. 
  • This battery is compatible with new installations and is versatile for various setups. 
  • Various ranges of products provide complete residential energy self-sufficiency. 
  • It features multifunctionality by offering multiple operational modes to suit diverse needs. 
  • This solar battery protects during blackouts and is a dependable backup power source. 
  • These have customisable battery sizes to align with your specific needs.  
  • Their inverter comes with the system.  
  • Alpha Cloud monitoring platform delivers all the information about your energy consumption.  
  • Opportunity to generate revenue in the electricity market through integrated VPP software 

Technical Specification

  • 5kW nominal capacity 
  • 5kW surge rating 
  • 7.5kW solar capacity 
  • PV current input: normal 15a – short circuit 18a 
  • Warranty period: 5 years 
  • Usable 13.3 kWh. 
  • Battery warranty: 80% capacity remaining after ten years – 38.836Mwh (Approx- 8000 cycles) 
  • Eight years of throughput at one complete cycle per day 
  • The inverter and battery cost approximately $11385 with installation. 
  • $856 per usable kWh 
  • $/warranted-kWh: $0.29 at one cycle per day / $0.146 at two cycles per day (*8000 @ 2/day = 11 years) 

The Alpha ESS Monitoring Platform

This platform is the most advanced in their battery range. It has all the features of Tesla and LG, with the added feature of trading on the electricity market via Virtual Power Plant (VPP) software.  

With Alpha Cloud Monitoring, your days of physically inspecting the storage system are gone. You just get the Alpha ESS App on your phone or computer and check your system remotely.  

Rather than simply use your battery-stored power in your home, you can also sell it during peak hours. Solar Emporium’s energy experts are happy to explain how it works. Get a free solar quote today!  

Alpha ESS or Tesla Powerwall 2

solar storage

Alpha ESS and Tesla Powerwall 2 are the most popular energy storage solutions in the Australian energy market. Both batteries can store and provide solar panels’ electricity or backup power.  

But which one should you go for? Let’s try to get to the bottom of it.  

Both Alpha ESS and Tesla Powerwall 2 use lithium-ion battery technology. You can install multiple units to increase your storage capacity based on your energy needs. 

Alpha ESS and Tesla Powerwall 2 offer blackout protection by supplying power during grid outages. This feature provides peace of mind and continuous electricity in case of power failures. 

Both systems offer smartphone apps and online monitoring platforms that allow users to track their energy production, consumption, and battery status. 

They come with warranties to guarantee product reliability. Tesla Powerwall 2, for example, comes with a 10-year warranty, and Alpha ESS offers similar warranties. However, the exact terms may vary by region and specific product. 

They are designed to charge and discharge energy efficiently. Alpha ESS and Tesla Powerwall are environmentally conscious in their designs and manufacturing, promoting clean and sustainable energy solutions. 

While they share these standard features, there are differences in pricing, available capacity, compatibility, and some advanced features.  

The choice between Alpha ESS and Tesla Powerwall 2 should be based on your energy needs, budget, and preferences.  

Choose Solar Emporium for Storage Solutions

You need to speak with a solar professional regardless of the battery brand you are considering. Contact Solar Emporium for a better understanding.  

Choosing the appropriate size and technical specifications for your energy needs will maximise your savings and shorten the time it takes to see a return on your investment. 

Solar Emporium offers a variety of batteries to meet even the most specific needs. Also, check out our solar packages and decide for yourself.  

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Alpha ESS Maintenance 101: A Guide for Australians

Alpha ESS Maintenance 101_ A Guide for Australians

Alpha ESS Australia operates as a branch of Alpha Energy Storage Solution Co., Ltd. It is one of the most popular companies in the Australian solar storage sector. It is also becoming a dominant force in Australia’s renewable energy journey.  

With cutting-edge and dependable energy storage solutions, many Australians are wondering about the maintenance tips of the Alpha ESS. Hence, our energy specialists are here to give you Alpha ESS maintenance 101: A guide for Australians.   

Standard Maintenance and Care Tips for Solar Batteries

Maintaining an Alpha ESS (Energy Storage System) in Australian weather conditions is essential for its longer lifespan and optimal performance.  

Firstly, here are some maintenance tips that should be followed for any solar batteries:  

  1. Regular Inspection: Conduct routine visual inspections of the solar system components, including the battery, inverter, and wiring. Look for signs of wear, damage, or corrosion.
  2. Cleanliness: Keep the system and its surroundings clean from dust, debris, and vegetation. Ensure that airflow around the inverter is unobstructed.
  3. Temperature Management: solar storage systems are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Ensure proper ventilation and avoid exposing the system to extreme heat or cold.
  4. Battery Maintenance: Monitor the battery’s state of charge and voltage regularly using the manufacturer’s recommended tools or software. Address any anomalies promptly.
  5. Firmware Updates: Stay updated with the manufacturer’s firmware releases and apply them as recommended, ensuring system efficiency and security.
  6. Pest Control: Pests can damage system components in some regions. Implement measures to deter rodents or insects from nesting in or around the system.
  7. Storm Preparedness: In areas prone to storms or extreme weather events, secure the system against potential damage and consider investing in surge protection devices.
  8. Professional Servicing: Schedule periodic professional inspections and maintenance by qualified technicians, especially for complex tasks like battery health assessments.
  9. Monitoring Software: Utilise monitoring software provided by Alpha ESS or third-party solutions to keep track of system performance, efficiency, and any potential issues.
  10. Warranty Compliance: Follow the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines, which may include specific maintenance requirements to keep the warranty valid.
  11. Regular Cleaning: Clean solar panels for optimal energy production. Dust and dirt can reduce efficiency over time.
  12. Safety First: Prioritise safety when conducting maintenance tasks. Follow all safety guidelines of different companies and use appropriate personal protective equipment. 

Specific Maintenance Tips for Alpha ESS Batteries

Ordinarily, no or less maintenance is required for their solar inverter and solar battery. Before cleaning, ensure you disconnect from all power sources. Employ a soft cloth to clean the housing, cover, and display.  

Following the maintenance procedures outlined in this section is recommended to guarantee long-term, proper operation of the inverter and battery pack. 

  • Check the cleanliness of the inverter’s heat sink and ensure it is free from obstructions or dust. 
  • Inspect the inverter and battery pack for any visible damage or deformation. 
  • Verify that the inverter and battery pack operate without any abnormal sounds. 
  • Ensure that all parameters of the inverter and battery pack are correctly configured, especially when running.   
alpha ess

Electrical Checking

Confirm secure cable connections. Examine the cables, particularly cable jackets, that should not be damaged when in contact with metallic surfaces. 

If the product is installed outdoors, seal unused solar panels, COM ports of the inverter, and power and COM terminals of the battery pack with watertight caps. 

Be Cautious

  • Risk of burns due to the inverter’s hot heat sink and housing 
  • The heat sink and housing can become hot during operation: 
  • Refrain from touching components other than the inverter cover while running. 
  • Allow approximately 30 minutes for the heat sink to cool down before cleaning. 

Maintenance Schedule

  • Perform maintenance every 6 to 12 months. 
  • For the first maintenance, initiate it six months after the initial commissioning. 
  • Subsequently, perform maintenance every 6 to 12 months. 

Troubleshooting Alpha ESS

List of Alpha ESS fault codes: 

  • Grid Overvoltage Protection (Grid_OVP) 
  • Grid Undervoltage Protection (Grid_UVP) 
  • Grid Overfrequency Protection (Grid_OFP) 
  • Grid Underfrequency Protection (Grid_UFP) 
  • Phase-Locked Fault 
  • BUS Overvoltage Protection 
  • Insulation Fault 
  • GFCI Fault (Leakage Current Test Failure) 
  • Grid Relay Fault 
  • Over-Temperature 
  • PV Reverse 
  • Battery Reverse 
  • MPPT1 Overvoltage Protection (MPPT1_OVP) 
  • MPPT1 Software Overcurrent Protection (MPPT1_SW_OCP) 
  • MPPT1 Hardware Overcurrent Protection (MPPT1_HW_OCP) 
  • MPPT1 Over-Temperature Protection (MPPT1_OTP) 
  • MPPT2 Overvoltage Protection (MPPT2_OVP) 
  • Check for abnormalities in the power grid. 
  • Verify the input voltage of PV1 and PV2 does not exceed 550V. 
  • Consider weather conditions, especially in the morning. 
  • Test the impedance of the ground to the housing using a multimeter. If not close to 0, check ground wire and housing connections. 
  • Test impedance between ground and PV+ / PV- / BAT+ / BAT-. If the impedance is less than 25Kῼ, verify the correctness of each port’s connection. 
  • Ensure inverter installation follows the manual. 
  • Confirm proper inverter installation following the manual. 
  • Restart the inverter to check for fault persistence. If the fault persists, contact customer service. 
  • Attempt to lower the temperature. 
  • Check PV wiring and battery connections. 
  • Monitor PV voltages; if they exceed specified limits, reduce the number of PV modules. 
  • Reduce solar power if applicable. 
  • Ensure proper inverter installation and lack of shelter around the inverter. 
  • After powering off the inverter and waiting for 30 minutes, restart it. If the fault remains, contact customer service. 

Why is Alpha ESS Popular in Australia?

solar battery

Alpha ESS is a well-known and respected brand in the renewable energy sector, particularly in energy storage solutions. Australians have several compelling reasons to consider Alpha ESS for their energy needs: 

Compatibility: Specific models of Alpha ESS battery are compatible with your solar PV system and local grid requirements.  

Climate Suitability: Alpha ESS battery can withstand the climatic conditions in your region, including extreme heat or cold. 

Performance: The battery’s performance metrics, including capacity, efficiency, and cycle life, meet your energy storage needs. 

Warranty and Support: Warranties offered by Alpha ESS are market standard, and there are many available local customer support and service centres in Australia. 

User Reviews: User reviews and feedback from other Australian customers are mostly positive. And over the years, they have lived up to the name.  

Budget: Consider your budget and compare the cost of an Alpha ESS battery with other options in the Australian market. You will find Alpha ESS to be cheaper than other brands.  

Reliable Energy Storage

Alpha ESS offers reliable and efficient solar battery solutions, which are crucial for harnessing and storing excess energy generated by solar panels. This reliability ensures a continuous and stable energy supply for homes and businesses. 

Energy Independence

With Alpha ESS systems, Australians can reduce reliance on the traditional grid. By storing surplus solar energy, homeowners can have a consistent power supply, even during nighttime or cloudy days, promoting energy independence. 

Cost Savings

Alpha ESS products can lead to significant cost savings over time. Users can see a noticeable reduction in their energy bills by maximising the use of self-generated solar energy and minimising reliance on grid electricity. 

Environmental Sustainability

Australia has a solid commitment to environmental sustainability. Choosing Alpha ESS aligns with this commitment as it enables clean and sustainable energy sources, reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact. 

Cutting-Edge Technology

Alpha ESS is known for its innovative battery technology and intelligent energy management systems. Australians can benefit from the latest energy storage and management advancements, ensuring efficient and future-proof systems. 

Customer Support

Alpha ESS provides excellent customer support and after-sales service. This ensures Australians can access expertise and assistance installing, maintaining, and optimising their energy storage systems. 

Also, if you need more personalised assistance, contact Solar Emporium and check out the solar packages. 

Grid Support

As more Australians adopt solar energy, the grid’s stability can be affected. Alpha ESS systems can contribute to grid stability by providing distributed energy resources and helping balance supply and demand. 

Government Incentives

In many parts of Australia, government incentives and rebates are available for those who invest in renewable energy and energy storage solutions. Alpha ESS products may qualify for these incentives, making them more accessible and affordable. 

Home Resilience

A solar battery system like Alpha ESS can enhance home resilience in a country prone to extreme weather events. It ensures that essential appliances remain powered during power outages or emergencies. 

In summary, Alpha ESS offers Australians a dependable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution for harnessing and managing solar energy.  

With a focus on sustainability, energy independence, cutting-edge technology, and strong customer support, Alpha ESS is a popular choice for Australian homeowners.  

solar storage

Alpha ESS Battery Lifespan

The Alpha ESS solar battery performance warranty guarantees a minimum of 80% of its original capacity after ten years. This criterion will be met in an ideal environment. For example, if the system is connected to the internet and is only used for self-consumption. 

Alpha ESS warranty

Alpha ESS provides a 5-year warranty in general for all products. And the company offers a 10-year performance warranty on their batteries. As mentioned, they claim that Alpha ESS batteries will retain 80% of their capacity before the warranty expires. The company also has some preconditions if you want to avail the warranty.  

To know about the Alpha ESS battery price, contact Solar Emporium today!  

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