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10 Energy Saving Tips For Australia
10 Energy Saving Tips For Australia

10 Energy Saving Tips For Australia

Published on:
November 2, 2023

Energy savings are top of mind in all Australia house holds as the rising cost of living is significantly creating a financial burden for many households. Electricity and gas bills are over the roof. However, by making a few simple changes in our daily habits, we can save a lot of energy and significantly reduce our energy bills. This article of 10 energy-saving tips for Australia will cover 10 tips designed for Australian energy consumers. You can use this as a guide to lower your electricity bills immediately and save money on running costs.  

Running your air conditioner, washing machine, and dryer all day long can really rack up your energy bill. Here are 10 tips to help you save energy and lower your electricity bills in Australia.

Switch to LED Lighting/ Light-Globe

Use smart appliances to save electricity bills

Home heating and cooling systems include thermostats, water heaters, space heaters, and air-conditioners. These are a big part of energy consumption in homes. By becoming savvy, we can save a significant amount of energy. The ideal setting of thermostats is quite similar all over Australia. Set your thermostats to 18 degrees to 20 degrees in winter. And for Summer, set it to 26 degrees. The same goes for your space heaters.  

Getting a smart heat pump has no alternative if you are trying to save energy and energy bills. Smart heat pumps are smart appliances that integrate your needs while saving energy. And most importantly, it is more convenient as you can control it remotely via Wi-Fi.

Adopt Smart Kitchen Appliances

Technology is getting smarter and more advanced every day. And statistically, smart appliances are observed to be more efficient than traditional products. Smart integration and automation make these products more convenient and energy efficient.  

Let’s get rid of any barriers to smart appliance adoption.

Go Solar

Using solar electricity you generate at home can help provide energy saving from your retailer. Solar hot water systems can also assist you in avoiding gas charges if you use a gas-fired water heater.  

Reduce carbon footprint and learn more about how small changes can significantly affect our environment and future. Know more about solar energy, such as feed-in tariffs, incentives, installation, and energy providers. Having difficulty paying your energy bills? Find out what kind of assistance is available. Click here. 

Roof Insulation

Saving energy is easier than we thought

Roof insulation is still a very underrated area for energy saving. But it is proven to have promising results. Insulating your roof can help with your home’s average temperature. So house temperatures are controlled automatically. You might not even have to use your heating systems. Therefore, you and your house become energy efficient and you can start energy saving.

Avoid Peak Hour Consumption

As a homeowner, you have all the controls of your energy. According to Australian officials, 10 pm to 7 am falls outside peak hours. You can do your chores like laundry and cooking at this hour to save energy. As peak hour costs the big bucks, using your washing machine, dryers, and dishwasher between 10 pm to 7 am is perfect if you can maintain the time.

Switch Off Devices When Not In Use

This is the oldest trick to energy saving. Yet it is the most effective of all. Switching off all the devices and appliances is a MUST! To save on energy bills, you must switch off your devices and appliances when not in use. It has a miraculous effect on energy bills.

Manage Energy Usage

As a homeowner, sometimes it gets overwhelming to track your energy consumption. And considering Australia’s current situation, energy bills can go over the roof in a blink of an eye. That’s why managing and tracking your energy usage is important.  

This process can make you and your family aware of your habits and nature. You can then oversee your energy usage with great awareness. Get our Free Energy Monitor today to keep track of your habits.

Identify Main Energy Hot Spot In Your Home

Another good way to find energy saving is to know where you are using it the most. Meaning knowing about the main source of energy hot spots. For example, you can evaluate if you use more hot water than necessary. Or if the TV is on all night. You can control these types of situations by simply changing some habits. Behavioural change is essential for better energy habits.

Compare Your Energy Consumption According To Your Area

You might be applying all the tips mentioned above to save energy, but you have yet to see any change in your energy bills. Well, your area might have something to do with it. You should immediately consult your municipality or government officials for a better idea. After that, with these tips in mind, you can increase your home’s efficiency and reduce your energy costs with ease.

Bonus Tips

For your convenience, we are sharing some bonus tips. These small changes can go a long way in energy efficiency.  

  • Keep the doors of fridges and freezers closed as much as possible  
  • Try washing clothes in cold water 
  • Close curtains on chilly days 
  • Use lids on pots while cooking  
  • Use halogen light bulbs 
Save energy for a better world

The simplest way to energy saving is relatively easy. All you have to do is program your behaviour accordingly. And also, keep track of the products you are using. This can be particularly helpful if you are heating or cooling your home at different times of the day, but it can also be used to help conserve energy in other areas, such as when you are away from home.  

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