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Step-By-Step Guide To Buying Quality Solar Panels In 2023
Step-By-Step Guide To Buying Quality Solar Panels In 2023

Step-By-Step Guide To Buying Quality Solar Panels In 2023

Published on:
November 2, 2023

Have you decided to buy quality solar panels for your home to generate electricity? Then continue reading. Before purchasing, you should figure out how to choose the best solar panels specifically for your home.  

Our step-by-step guide to buying quality solar panels will give you every key point you need to know before going solar. This article also contains all the new updates of 2023! So look no further and review our article to get the best solar panels

Examine Your Electric Bill

Analyse your electricity bill before beginning the solar panel buying and installation process. You should get a consumption monitor for better results. It helps you determine your monthly energy consumption in kWh.  

In addition, it can assist you in selecting the solar system size that you need. To get an accurate estimate, look at the average monthly energy consumption over the last 12 months. 

Do A Technical And Feasibility Analysis

Conduct a study before installing your system. It can help you assess the structure of your building and determine the best products based on your energy consumption.  

The study will also assess the solar radiation patterns at your installation site. That will vary depending on your geographic location. Based on the study’s findings, technical experts can recommend the best equipment for your budget and energy goals. 

Because only buying quality solar panels is not feasible. The panels and mounting system have to comply with your house.  

Perform A Roof/site Inspection

Inspecting the installation site is critical to properly installing your solar panels. Look for a location correctly aligned with the sun. Because the best angle for solar panels will provide you with the ultimate solar energy. 

More importantly, look for a reasonable height and flat terrain.  

Examine for Compatibility

First, you must ensure your home is ready to receive a solar energy system. Determine whether your roof is large enough or has enough space to install the ground-level panels.  

Sometimes trees and branches are removed or trimmed. Your electrical panel may also require an upgrade. Verify if your roof is in good condition. 

Solar price varies

Choose a Size

Once you know your home is compatible, decide what services you want your system to provide. You can use the energy to power lighting or a few appliances. You can also choose a plan to generate energy for your entire house.  

You can even sell some power back to the grid through feed-in tariffs. 

Check For Permits

Apply for a building permit in your area. A separate electrical permit may also be required in some areas. Waiting for permits to be approved and scheduling subsequent inspections are frequently the most time-consuming aspects of a project. 

Apply for Incentive Programs

Take advantage of your solar investment. At the state and local levels, incentive programs differ. Federal incentives and schemes can also change from time to time.  

You may be entitled for tax credits, rebates, or grants from multiple sources to offset costs. Apply for these benefits before beginning the installation process. To finance the project, you could apply for a particular solar loan. 

Solar Price

So how much do solar panels cost? When comparing solar panels, this is the first-factor people consider. Several factors determine the cost of a solar panel. It includes the size, brand, quality, durability, and any certifications the solar panel may have. 

Price is an important factor when you are deciding on a solar panel. However, it should be one of many factors to consider because the cheapest panel may not be the most efficient. And in the long run, it may not be the best option.  

Solar panel selection can be challenging, but ensuring a quality solar panel system is more significant than going for the cheapest option.  

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Make a budget for yourself

Calculate the average cost of your solar energy system based on your monthly energy consumption. Also, get an estimation of the solar panel installation process costs. Consider warranties, maintenance costs, and the number of panels needed for installation. 

Quality of Solar Panels

This considers how the panel is manufactured and the quality of the materials used to construct the solar panel. Various manufacturers produce panels that vary in quality, price, and efficiency.  

Vertically integrated solar panel manufacturers control every stage of the manufacturing process.  

Many place a premium on quality and invest heavily in research and development (R&D). Other manufacturers assemble panels and usually do not manufacture their cells or support R&D. 

Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of a solar panel refers to how much the panel receives and converts into energy. And that’s you can determine the amount of power your system will generate.  

Sometimes the best option is to purchase the largest and most efficient solar panel. It may cost more but will save you money in the long run.  

Temperature Coefficient

It refers to the effect of heat on the operational efficiency of a solar panel. Because overheating of solar panels decreases their efficiency.


A 25-year warranty typically covers solar panels. If the manufacturer does not provide a long warranty period, you may suspect their product is subpar. Avoid being misled by an attractive price, as you may regret it in the long run. 

Of course, proper maintenance of your solar panels is essential to extend their lifespan. Fortunately, we have solar packages for brands that require less maintenance. 

Reduces Electricity bill

Where To Find The Best Solar Panel In Australia?

Prices vary significantly between companies. Therefore, finding the best solar supplier and installer may require requesting multiple quotes. Ultimately, the actual solar panel cost will depend on various factors. It includes-  
  • The solar panel’s type – monocrystalline, polycrystalline, or thin film 
  • How many solar panels do you require according to your house’s size 
  • The reputation of solar suppliers and installation companies  
  • Are the companies certified? What warranties do they offer? 
  • Each solar panel’s inverter type 

All the information and the renewable products should be available from the solar company you select to do business with. Remember, your solar installer should consider products based on your particular circumstances. They should provide the price quote accordingly.  

In addition, you should request to see any relevant industry-approved certification on solar panels and battery storage systems. You can trust Solar Emporium’s certificate and professionality without worrying.  

Installers of Solar Panels in Australia

With so many Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers in Australia, finding the right solar panel installer should be simple. Visit the Clean Energy Council website to see a list of accredited retailers in your state. 

However, before signing agreements, confirm the Clean Energy Council website accreditation. It will definitely help you find which solar panels are best for you.  

Explore Your Specific Requirements

When buying quality solar panels in Australia, what you want and need are two different things. 

If you have a large family with many household appliances, a small solar PV system would not suffice. On the other hand, let’s assume you live alone in a small flat. Then there’s no point in going overboard with the panels. 

You must find your specific needs, and the system will work perfectly. And it will ultimately give you all the power you require while saving you money. 

You can see why doing your research is essential. Making an informed decision about your selected system will help you understand what will suit your needs. 

Choose the Best Solar Panel System With Solar Emporium

Solar Emporium’s team can provide free quotes to assist you when buying quality solar panels. Different suppliers will contact you with their offers, and you can then choose the one you prefer, but we assure you of our utmost dedication.  

We have an extensive network of qualified solar panel installers all over Australia. We can connect you with our reputable installers in your area.  

However, if you already know which solar panels you want for your home and want to speak with a professional installer, we can help you connect immediately. 

Our Solar Experts are here to Help!

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