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How To Buy the Best Solar Panel
How to Buy the Best Solar Panel

How To Buy the Best Solar Panel

Published on:
November 2, 2023
There are hundreds of options in the market when it comes to choosing a solar panel for your roof space. It’s a chore to choose a brand, we admit, but when you know what characteristics make a quality solar panel and what are the basics that make it the best of all choices, it’s a solid game changer as a customer. We highly encourage you to learn what makes or breaks a solar panel so that you know how to buy the best solar panel.
The following are the factors that you should consider while going for a solar power system for the first time.

Solar Panel Efficiency

The amount of sunlight that solar panels are able to collect and transform into power indicates how efficient they are. The highest solar panel efficiency we have today is 22.6%, which means that only 22.6% of the sun’s energy can actually be transformed by that specific module into useful electricity.
High efficiency is one of the most crucial things to know when purchasing solar panels, if not the most important one.
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Tier 1 Solar Panels Brands

I’m pretty sure you’ve come across a title that reads, “Our panels are listed Tier 1” while searching the internet for the optimal solar panel. Anyone would presume this to be a quality indicator at first look, but that is not the case.
A production line for that specific panel with a tier 1 rank is an entity that signifies it is in good financial standing. That’s great for the business, but why should it matter to you? According to the manufacturer and panel model, a solar system comes with a guarantee that lasts between 25 years and 30 years. Would the 30 year panel warranty still prevail if the firm closed within that time frame because it was not financially stable? Nope, I quite don’t think so.
There are anecdotes I can recall in which this did happen, and some companies kept the promise of availing solar panel warranty, and some failed miserably. So, it’s better not to take such a risk.

Solar Panel Warranty

The majority of solar panels have a product warranty that lasts from 25 years to 30 years. Due to the fact that solar panels are not inexpensive, a warranty is a crucial consideration and must have; the higher the number of years, the better. Although there are less expensive options, they are still regarded as being inferior to certain other solar PV.
There are several types of warranties, such as product warranty, performance warranty, parts warranty, etc., make sure you understand and get a good warranty offer.
Additionally, some solar panels have a third-party warranty program. So be sure to thoroughly consider it before you make a purchase. Or you can designate us to handle the task and simplify your life.

Solar Panel Degradation Curve

Imagine you still own the same cell phone you bought five years ago. Yes, you may be using it, but does it still function the same way that it did five years ago? I sincerely doubt that it does. Similar to this example, the efficiency rate of a solar panel closely correlates with how well it performs as it matures. This occurrence is known as degradation. The lower this number is, the better.
Keep in mind that nothing good lasts forever; therefore, every solar panel will eventually deteriorate as time goes on. However, what actually matters—and what you should take into consideration as a key factor—is the rate at which the panel deteriorates.
In simpler words, the degradation of solar panels is bound to happen but at what rate is it happening is what matters. The degradation should happen slowly over the course of several years. Check the performance history of the choices you picked so far, or simply consult a solar expert.

Solar Panel Temperature Coefficient

The temperature coefficient is the percentage by which your panels’ effectiveness falls off when the temperature goes over their ideal level, which is 25 degrees Celsius. A solar panel that is very efficient will have a low temperature coefficient, whereas one that is less efficient will have a greater temperature coefficient.

Australian Presence

Make sure the company you choose has a presence in Australia before you commit. The worst-case scenario can occur suddenly, and the business you select to purchase from may go bankrupt. This is merely a plausible outcome.
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What happens if the firm from which you purchased your solar panels, ‘X,’ goes out of business and you need to lodge a warranty claim? Would you hold the installer accountable? They weren’t the true supplier; therefore, it doesn’t work like that. But they can definitely help you with it but remember, certain limitations do exist in extreme events like this.
Additionally, it is vital to know that the panels you are spending so much money on have a real office in your country. This way, you may ask them for assistance or use their services whenever you need them.
Now that you know how to buy the best solar panel, please understand that buying the solar panels is only half the job done. I can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is to supervise and ensure that the installation is done exactly according to the rules because the installation procedure determines the other 50% of the remaining job.
Go with a CEC-approved installer who knows what they are doing and what’s best for your property and your future.

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