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Cutting Energy Usage With Smart Devices
Cutting Energy Usage With Smart Devices

Cutting Energy Usage With Smart Devices

Published on:
November 2, 2023

Smart-home technologies offer more than just automatically closing and opening doors. With smart-home devices, securing your home has become more accessible. If you can use them correctly, these devices can also help you save energy and money.  

And, given that Australians use billions in energy each year, people can use all the assistance they can get.  

You can make essential lifestyle changes with smart devices to lower your energy usage. We can assist you in reducing your energy bill without turning your life upside down. Cutting energy usage with smart devices just got easier!  

Monitoring your energy consumption can be challenging with so many gadgets in use all the time. But with smarter devices, it’s not only possible, but it’ll also save you money. Examining how much energy you use is one of the simplest methods to save money at home.  

Energy ratings on household appliances can help determine how much energy a device uses at any given time. And understanding a few fundamental facts about your energy costs and using energy-monitoring technologies can significantly affect this situation.

Integrating Smart Devices To Cut Energy Usage

Plenty of devices on the market can help you save money on utilities. It can be a smart light bulb, a smart thermostat, a water heater, or a sprinkler.  

Plus, some additional measures can show a significant change in savings. Steps like turning off lights, setting your thermostat to the ideal temperature, taking shorter showers, and unplugging appliances will go a long way!  

Integrating smart-home devices allows you to control them remotely, schedule, connect and monitor them. According to your commands, these devices can perform independently. Smart-home devices can help you save energy by giving you more control of your home using energy.  

Cutting energy usage

Analyse Your Energy Usage First

Recognizing the distinction between prices when you go through your energy bills is vital. 

The main payment is for your energy usage. You have the most control over this part. While your bill summarizes the charges, smart meters can provide much more information.  

These smart meter monitors your consumption data every 30 minutes. And later securely send it to your energy supplier, allowing you to see when you spend your energy. 

Network fees cover the expense of the infrastructure that transports electricity to your house, office, or company. While your energy retailer collects these fees, they are distributed to numerous service providers. 

Monitor Your Energy Usage Patterns

Since smart meters display energy use every half hour, you can analyse the data to determine which sections of the day consume the most energy.  

Accessing this data allows you to consider how your behaviour affects your energy usage and how much you pay. Consequently, being aware of your patterns helps with cutting energy usage.

Use Solar Panel Information For Your Benefit

Solar panel installation is closely related to homeownership. But solar panel inverters are a valuable source of real-time energy usage data. Most inverters can connect to your home wireless network and display live data on your smartphone.  

When you turn on the dishwasher, video game system, air-conditioner, and other smart devices, you can immediately see how much energy it consumes. 

It will help you save money in the long run and lessen your environmental effect. 

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Utilising Smart Plugs For Smart System

Almost everyone has access to energy-monitoring technology now. Getting a complete insight into your home’s energy consumption is feasible. You can promptly look into the data generated by a smart meter by installing some simple energy-monitoring smart plugs.  

You can then decide whether to update your appliances or change how you use them. This information can also assist you in avoiding losing money owing to “vampire power.”  

It refers to appliances or other devices that use a tiny amount of electricity even when switched off while plugged in. Vampire power costs some consumers up to $200 extra annually in energy.

Adjusting Your HVAC System

Comfort is essential for any household. Enjoying the services of your smart HVAC system provides the ease of relaxing at your own home. Although, sometimes convenience can cost more money.   

But what if you could save money while being comfortable? All it takes is some simple temperature settings to acquire your desired savings. For Australians, the ideal heating temperature for winter is 18° C to 20° C. And for summer, the cooling should be 25° C to 27° C.  

Any increase in degrees will save 10% more on your energy!  

Operate Smart Plugs Remotely

Remotely operating your smart plugs has a significant influence on your energy bills. Since you are not physically turning on or turning off your plugs or switches, it reduces energy usage. Not to mention it’s convenient.  

Controlling outdoor plugs got easier with this technology too. You can manage your plugs from your smartphone from anywhere!  

Getting Smart Lighting

As LED bulbs are getting popular every day, it’s time you get LED lighting too. It provides lighting to your entire house while cutting energy usage. 
Smart devices

We have also gathered some power-saving tech accessories that anyone can use. Some are stand-alone devices, such as a smart thermostat, while others can help you minimize the electricity your current appliances consume while making your home smarter. 

Smart devices can help with cutting your energy usage and saving energy. By providing you with more control over the objects in your home, these devices allow you to lower your bills. Here is a list of smart devices to save energy and lower energy bills. 

  • Smart Thermostats  
  • Smart Plugs 
  • Smart Switches  
  • Smart inverters  
  • Smart Heat Pumps  
  • Smart Bulbs & Lighting  
  • Smart Energy Meter/Monitor  
It’s challenging to change your life overnight. But by making minor changes to your devices, you may save money each month while being kinder to the environment. Here’s to a sustainable future together. 

Our Solar Experts are here to Help!

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