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What Is The Solar Panel Rebate Victoria 2024?
What Is The Solar Panel Rebate Victoria 2024

What Is The Solar Panel Rebate Victoria 2024?

Published on:
January 18, 2024

As we enter 2024, Victoria, Australia, continues to shine as a pioneer in sustainable practices, particularly solar energy 

At the forefront of this green movement lies the much-anticipated Solar Panel Rebate Victoria 2024.  

This financial incentive has been a beacon for residents and businesses alike, fostering a commitment to cleaner energy solutions while offering substantial savings. 

Now, let’s explore Victoria’s Solar Panel Rebate program for 2024, from the eligibility criteria to the application process and the potential benefits for participants. 

Whether you’re a homeowner considering switching to solar or a business seeking to enhance sustainability practices, the solar panel rebate in Victoria can be a game-changer. It is better if you are pursuing a greener, more cost-effective future.

What is the Australian Government Rebate For Solar Panels?

The Australian government provides a financial incentive for installing solar panels through the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) 

This scheme aims to encourage the uptake of renewable energy, including solar energy, by offering financial support to eligible individuals, businesses, and community groups. 

The primary component of the SRES is the creation of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) for eligible solar panel systems 

These certificates can be traded, sold, or surrendered to reduce the upfront cost of purchasing and installing solar panels.  

The number of STCs created depends on factors such as the location, installation date, and the amount of electricity the system is expected to generate over its lifetime.

About the Solar Victoria Rebate

The Solar Homes program gives discounts of up to $1,400 for installing solar panel systems. These discounts are available for people in Victoria who own homes, are building homes, or have rental properties.  

You can still apply if you get a discount and move to a new home. You can also apply if your solar panel system is more than ten years old to replace or upgrade it. 

To make installing even cheaper, people in Victoria who qualify can get a loan with no interest. The loan amount is the same as the discount you qualify for. You have to repay the loan in four years, or you can pay it back earlier all at once.

Are You Eligible for Rebates?

To get a solar panel rebate through the Solar Homes Program in Victoria, you need to meet specific criteria: 

  1. You must own an existing property or a home under construction where the solar panel system will be installed.
  2. All owners’ total household taxable income should be less than $210,000 annually.
  3. The property value should be under $3 million, or for a home under construction, it should be valued at under $3 million upon completion.
  4. The property address should not have received a solar panel rebate under the Solar Homes Program.
  5. The property shouldn’t have had a solar panel system installed in the last ten years, except for those participating in the Premium Feed-in Tariff scheme, who may consider replacing their system before it ends in November 2024.

If you meet these criteria, you can start researching and contact an authorised solar provider for a quote. The products you choose must be on the Solar VIC Gov-approved product list to be eligible for the rebate. 

Get a free solar quote from Solar Emporium and enjoy the Solar Victoria rebate today! 

Your retailer will upload your quote with Solar Victoria, and you’ll receive an email with your quote number to start your application. To confirm eligibility, you must provide proof of income and a Council Rates Notice.  

For homes under construction, you can also provide a Certificate of Title or other ownership documents if the Council Rates Notice isn’t available. 

Once eligibility is confirmed, your retailer will claim the rebate on your behalf, subtracting the rebate amount from your total system cost. After installing your solar panel system, You’ll pay the remaining balance directly to your retailer.

Specifically, Solar Rebate Victoria 2024 Eligibility

Victorian solar rebate

Eligibility for Solar Rebate in Victoria, 2024 

To qualify for the Solar Homes Program and potentially receive a solar panel refund as a Victorian homeowner, you need to meet the following criteria: 

  1. Your household tenants’ combined annual taxable income should be less than $210,000.
  2. If you own a rental property, you should not have received more than two rebates in the current fiscal year.
  3. under the Solar Homes Program, the property address should not have previously received a subsidy for solar panels (PV) or solar batteries.
  4. No solar panel (PV) system should have been installed on the site in the past ten years.
  5. For Rental Rebates, there must be a written Solar Homes Program Agreement between the renter(s) and you, the rental provider.
  6. The property’s value should be less than $3 million; if it’s a home under construction, its completion value should be less than $3 million.
  7. The installation site should not have had a solar panel system installed in the past ten years.
  8. You must own and occupy the current property where the solar panel system will be installed.
  9. at least three years must have passed since the hot water system was first purchased for the hot water rebate.
  10. under the Solar Homes Program, the property address should not have received a hot water or solar battery refund.
  11. A household is not eligible for another hot water refund for the same property if they have already received one.

How Do You Claim the Solar Rebate in Victoria, 2024?

The procedure for claiming a refund for houses with a system installed is available here. 

You can verify your eligibility on the official website or using the methods mentioned. Get multiple quotes from multiple solar retailers. 

You can submit home information, verification documents, and other items. Apply, and you can begin the process once acceptance is completed successfully.

Are You Applying for A Second Rebate If You Move House?

Solar Victoria is simplifying the process for current customers to avail of relocation incentives. 

If you obtained a solar panel and battery rebate at your previous residence and have since moved, you can apply for various incentives at your new property. 

These incentives encompass a solar PV rebate and loan, a hot water rebate, and a battery loan, provided you meet the eligibility requirements. 

To apply, you must reside in the property as your primary residence.

Information for Homes Under Construction

If your home is being built, you can apply for a solar and battery rebate of up to $1,400 and an interest-free loan. This way, you can save money on installation and start benefiting from solar energy as soon as you move in. 

Here are some steps to follow if you want to apply for the solar PV rebate while your home is under construction: 

  1. Talk to your builder early in the planning phase about wanting solar panels.
  2. Get your builder’s approval for installing solar panels during construction.
  3. Coordinate with your builder to determine the right time and method for solar product installation by an authorised solar retailer under the Solar Homes Program. This will help you know when to submit your rebate application during construction.
  4. Check our solar panel PV Buyer’s Guide and consult an authorised solar retailer to find products that suit your new roof and home.
  5. Provide this information to your builder so you can apply for a rebate when your house is ready for installation during construction. Confirm the installation date with your solar retailer, as informed by your builder.
  6. Show proof of property ownership with a Council Rates Notice or a copy of your Certificate of Title. Other documents may be accepted as proof of ownership if these documents are unavailable.

Remember that while your home is under construction, it won’t be eligible for other rebates or loans under the Solar Homes Program. However, once construction is complete, you may become eligible for other rebates under the Solar Homes Program.

Other Financial Incentives

The Solar Homes Program is helping eligible Victorian households increase their savings. Both new and current customers with solar panel systems can now request a hot water rebate and an interest-free loan for a solar battery, provided they meet the eligibility requirements. 

Begin your exploration and discover which products are most suitable for your home. Refer to our Solar Buyer’s Guides for valuable information that can assist you in understanding solar products better.  

It will enable you to engage with retailers and enhance your savings through solar energy.

Benefits of Solar in VIC

Switching to solar power in Victoria comes with many benefits. It’s a clean and friendly way to get energy and helps lower electricity bills, saving money in the long run.  

The government’s Solar Homes Program gives residents discounts and rewards. These are ultimately making it easier for people to afford solar panels. Solar energy also helps reduce pollution and helps us fight against climate change.  

Because Victoria gets a lot of sunlight, solar energy allows people to manage their energy use better. This helps create a more sustainable future for individuals and the whole community.

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