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Benefits to The Environment of Going Off Grid
benefits to the environment of going off grid

Benefits to The Environment of Going Off Grid

Published on:
November 2, 2023
In Australia, 33.6% of total emissions come from burning fossil fuel. Why is burning fossil fuel essential, you may ask? It’s needed to generate electricity. So, that proves a massive amount of environmental harm comes from our high dependency on grid energy which can be catered for with other renewable sources like solar, wind, hydro, etc.
On the flip side, going off the grid means eliminating that dependency on grid energy, ultimately lesser fossil fuel combustion each year. Off grid living facilitates the lifestyle of ultimate energy independence, leading to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Not only this, but there are also many other benefits of living off the grid.
Here are some of the benefits to the environment of going off grid discussed in brief –

Fight Against Global Warming

Global warming is more prevalent now than ever. As we gravitate towards grid electricity because it’s easy, we are indirectly facilitating the giant electricity retailers to burn more fossil fuels. This repetitive practice has increased the greenhouse gases in the environment. As a result, the heat of the sun gets trapped in the atmosphere, and the temperature rises significantly. This phenomenon is called global warming.
It is granted that not just the electricity retailers are solely responsible for this, all the other major corporations, especially manufacturing facilities, are also contributing to the problem. However, almost one-third of the GHG emission comes from fossil fuel burning, and none other than the energy retailers are to be blamed.
climate change and off grid living
If you choose to live off the grid, you can fight against this by opting for renewable sources of energy. Sources such as solar panel systems, micro hydro energy, and wind energy are some of the ways many people generate power off the grid. Find out more about how you can generate power off grid here.
These are clean power sources for your household, limiting your carbon footprint remarkably.
Not only will you not be emitting harmful gases, but also you can become completely energy independent. This means no power cuts during storms and no power cuts during maintenance at an odd hour.

Become Energy Efficient

As mentioned above, living off the grid will make you completely energy independent, but this also gives you the opportunity to remodel your surrounding in the most energy-efficient way possible.
For instance, you may reduce the likelihood of heat loss and add additional insulation by changing the foundation, form, and architecture of your house. Your dependence on energy and other heat sources will decrease, as a result, allowing you to satisfy your demands with a much smaller solar or wind power system.
  • Installing solar is the easiest of all renewable energy systems.
  • Solar panels are cheaper in comparison to grid connections.
  • It’s a reliable source of power that requires little to no maintenance.
  • Transporting solar and solar equipment is easier.
  • Within a few years, a well-designed system may pay for itself and offer a good ROI.
  • If problems arise, they are quite simple to resolve and, for the most part, do not require professional guidance.
Learn about off grid solar systems here.
benefits of solar energy to the environment

No More Fossil Fuel Burning

Burning fossil fuel such as coal is one of the core reasons why we are suffering from the drastic effects of climate change. The sea level has risen about 8 to 9 inches since the 1980s. These changes will become faster if we don’t take proper measures as soon as possible. Going off grid is one of those measures that we can take.
It’s ultimately the energy we consume to carry out everyday chores that do the most damage. When you choose to live off the grid, you are carrying out these everyday chores, not at the expense of the environment. Rather power sources like solar can give you essentially free energy for the rest of your life (at least the next 25 years) on top of being completely clean.

Recycling & Upcycling- A Sustainable Habit

You may develop the practice of recycling and upcycling if you live off the grid. It is conceivable in any sort of living situation, but they become simpler if you have access to a large property. For instance, many people who live off the grid make use of the property by setting up recycling areas where they can turn food scraps into compost. Additionally, there are many opportunities for upcycling as it is not as simple to dispose of what we generally regard to be rubbish in this situation. Using a pickle jar as a cookie jar or flowerpot, for instance, is upcycling.
Growing your own vegetables and herbs is another fantastic option for lowering your carbon footprint. As you grow your own food, you become less dependent on large-scale producers, who actively contribute to GHG emissions by utilizing expensive machinery and equipment.

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