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When Does the Solar Rebate End in Victoria | Full Guide 2023
When does the solar rebate end in victoria

When Does the Solar Rebate End in Victoria | Full Guide 2023

Published on:
November 2, 2023

Energy experts are confident that the extended solar incentives program launched by the federal government and the state government would accelerate radical departure from gas as it strives to cut carbon emissions in half by the end of the decade. Along with the government rebate, which comes in the form of certificates, there is also a solar rebate in Victoria in place known as the solar homes program for the resident of Victoria.  

The Federal Australian Government solar rebate is set to end by the year 2030. That brings us to the topic, when does the solar rebate end in Victoria? The straight forward answer to this question is, it hasn’t been decided yet. However, the government website does release the rebate amounts allocated for solar, batteries, solar hot water and business every second Wednesday of each month.

Victorian Solar Rebate- What Exactly is Available?

So, under the solar homes program, there are several rebates for different needs of the house that ultimately contributes to lowering your electric bills and decreasing your carbon footprint. Which are-

  • Solar panel (PV) rebate – Current rebate value is a maximum of $1400
  • Solar for rentals rebate – Current rebate value is a maximum of $1400
  • Solar battery rebate – Current rebate value is $2950
  • Solar hot water rebate – Current rebate value is $1000
  • Solar for business rebate- Current rebate value is $3500

NB- the aforementioned amounts are subject to change. To be informed on the subject at all times, please follow the government website or get in touch with us.

solar rebate vic

The Nitty-gritty of The Solar Homes Program- VIC Solar Rebate

The Victorian government is providing with this phenomenal opportunity for your household to take full advantage of solar. Wondering if you can embrace both the federal (STC solar rebate) and the state rebate at the same time to double the benefits? You absolutely can. But keep this mind that you can only grab one incentive from the solar homes program.

Not just the $1400 PV rebate, you can also claim an equal amount in the form of an interest-free loan. This loan shall be paid off in the span of 4 years. That means if your solar system costs around $2800, initially, you will have to pay $0 upfront cost.

You cannot just claim the monetary benefits and the interest-free loan directly from the government. You will have to make a deal with a government-approved installer like us, who will claim the rebate by going through all the official processes on your behalf and adjusting the amount from the cost of installation.

In this context, there can be many situations one could be facing. Those who are homeowners and those who are not; those who already have a rooftop solar system and those who don’t; those who are looking forward to installing a home solar battery, all of these situations require different actions.

Firstly, the ones who do not have a PV system. In this case, the government rebate on solar, the rebate comes in a straightforward manner. Upon meeting all the eligibility criteria, you can claim the solar rebate, which will be calculated on the basis of your system size and cost, amounting to $1400 max. Along with this, you are also free to claim the $1400 interest-free loan. If you already have a PV system, it has to be 5kW or greater to claim one of the incentives from the solar homes program. Under-construction houses are eligible to claim the PV rebate upon meeting the criteria.

That is general business when it comes to installing solar panels.

There are also incentives for installing the solar battery, but when you have already claimed another rebate under the solar homes program, the battery rebate will not be available.

Houses that are connected to the grid can only claim the Vic solar battery rebate, not the off grid houses, unfortunately. Also, the homes which are under construction are also not eligible to claim the battery rebate amounting to $2950 max.

Keep in mind that you will have to apply for pre-approval from the Distributed Network Service Provider (DNSP) before adding solar batteries, as they will be grid connected to be qualified under the VIC rebate program.

How Does the Process go of Claiming the VIC Solar Rebate – Step by Step

authorised installer

The process is not that complicated. But you must appoint a government-approved retailer and also use all the approved components (solar panel, battery, inverter) to claim the rebate. Here is how the process goes from start to finish-

Step 1: You have to get in touch with an authorised solar retailer and get a quote from them.

Step 2: Upload the received quote in the Solar VIC portal.

Step 3: Check your eligibility to receive the solar rebate.

Step 4: You will receive confirmation from them after a while. Be patient in this step and avoid any monetary deals until you receive the final confirmation from the government.

Step 5: If you are proven to be eligible, you will receive a unique eligibility number and a QR code.

Step 6: Provide the QR and code to the installer to scan, and they can proceed with the installation.

Am I Eligible?

Here are some general eligibility criteria to receive the VIC solar rebate-

  • Your combined taxable household income shall not surpass $180,000 per annum
  • The property on which the system will be installed must not be valued at more than 3 million AUD
  • No rebates/incentives were received prior to this one under the solar homes program
  • Only those who have installed solar before 1st November 2009 can apply for VIC solar rebate to install or expand the existing system
  • Required documents – proof of income, proof of property ownership, council rates notice etc.

You can be eligible for both the federal and state rebate at the same time. There are several online STC certificate calculator online to get a rough idea too. However, if you want to know specifics we can help.   

In conclusion, the entire process of claiming the VIC solar rebate might look challenging; however, with the help of experts in the industry, you can rest easy. Go solar and grab this amazing opportunity that our government is rewarding us with before it’s too late.

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