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What is the Best Off Grid Solar System
What is the Best Off Grid Solar System

What is the Best Off Grid Solar System

Published on:
November 2, 2023
There are 5 main components that make up a perfect off the grid solar system. Here is what makes up an off grid solar system
Solar Modules: In solar modules, photovoltaic conversion transforms solar energy into usable electricity (DC).
PV Inverter: To use in the house or to charge the battery bank, a solar inverter transforms the DC electricity generated, into AC.
Charger Inverter: This device converts AC power to DC so that it may be stored in batteries for later use. A battery bank is only able to store energy in DC.
Battery Bank: To store the power produced by the modules for later usage, lithium-ion batteries can be used. However, lead-acid batteries and nickel cadmium batteries are also used to achieve the same goal.
Backup Generator: Just on the off chance there is no stored energy in the battery bank, a diesel generator is used as a backup power source if needed.

How Does it All Work?

How do all these components come together and create the perfect off the grid house?
Firstly, the solar panels generate electricity through a photovoltaic reaction when sunlight hits the solar panels. The amount of electricity generated in ‘x’ amount of time will depend on the quality of the panels. Then the generated electricity travels to the solar inverter to convert into a usable form of energy. To explain that, in simple terms, the energy generated in the panels is DC (Direct Current) electricity and what we need is AC (Alternating Current) electricity.
After the conversion, the surplus amount of energy gets stored in the solar batteries. But there is a catch; you can only store DC in the battery bank. And this is where the charger inverter comes into play to do the conversion and also send signals across when to shut off the conversion and run it the other way.
With all that being said, there can be extremely cold days when the sun does not shine, and your solar panels can’t process to render a surplus for you to use later. In these rare occasions, you just might want to be safe with a backup generator that runs on diesel.
And that is about it, on how an off grid solar panel system works.
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Some Well Performing Off Grid Solar Component

We suggest products to prospective clients by thoroughly investigating the property, and these products might not suit your needs or be more than what you need.
Please see below our top 4 solar systems-

Solar Panels

Hyundai Solar Panels- With about a 21.3% efficiency rate offered with 25 years of warranty, the Hyundai solar panels are spectacular. Also, their shingled cell solar panels allow more room for PV conversion on the same size of rooftop.
Check out their different ranges here.
SunPower Solar Panels- One of the best in the market right about now. Their signature Maxeon solar panels are what sets them apart from the crowd. They offer about 21% efficiency rate.
Check out their different ranges here.
Jinko Solar Panels- 23.1% is the highest efficiency rate that Jinko offers, which certainly sets the bar for quality. They also include N-type monocrystalline cells in the blend of variety models, which gives you an awesome range of models to choose from.
Check out their different ranges here.
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Solar Inverters

SolarEdge Solar Inverter- This inverter provides individual panel monitoring and shut-off technology despite not being a microinverter. Their string inverters provide almost 12 years of warranty which is standard for inverters.
Check out their different ranges here.
Enphase Micro Inverter- Micro-inverters work with each panel individually which allows them to control every aspect of the panels down to the smallest details. Enphase is an inverter brand that has gained unmatched popularity in the category.
Check out their different ranges here.
Growatt Solar Inverter- Over the course of their little over ten years in business, Growatt has established itself as a major player in the solar market by inventing technical marvels. They have successfully attained an efficiency rate of up to 98%, which is commendable.
Check out their different ranges here.

Solar Batteries

Check out these options for solar battery banks in your off grid system.
BYD Battery- BYD – which stands for Build Your Dreams, is a Chinese battery manufacturing company. They have been focusing on producing li-ion batteries. The BYD battery boxes are known for their impressive power output, which is about 12.8kW.
Check out their different ranges here.
Tesla Powerwall- Powerwall is such a battery that can store energy, detect outages, and take over as your home’s energy supply when the grid is down. It, as opposed to generators, keeps your lights on and your phones charged without maintenance, fuel, or noise. To keep your appliances operating for days, pair them with solar and use the sun’s energy to recharge.
Check the Tesla power wall here.
Huawei LUNA2000 - Huawei is a leading brand in the solar industry manufacturing solar panels and batteries. The LUNA model has a 5kWh to 15kWh capacity to offer. It’s a Lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery with claimed 100% DOD (Depth Of Discharge).
Check out Huawei LUNA2000 here.
To make things simple, we also have a range of bundled offers for solar. Click this link to know more about them.

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