Sungrow Inverter Review | A Worthy Tier 1 Inverter or Not?

sungrow inverter review
With a net worth of 1.5 billion dollars, Sungrow is a proud Chinese renewable energy company that started its journey in 1997. Back in the day, having a reliable power supply in every household was quite a struggle for many rural Chinese people. The renewable energy sector wasn’t as strong as it is now. That is when a professor of Hefei University, Mr Cao Renxian, decided to take on the task of researching a developing a sustainable way to convert renewable energy resources into reliable ones. And that is how Sungrow, the second-largest inverter manufacturers after Huawei were born. It was never about a mere business to only generate profit from; rather, it was a solution to general people’s problem, which later on became a giant of the industry for all the right reasons.

Sungrow Inverter Review

sungrow inverter
Now Sungrow is a global company that operates in more than 150 countries. With the help of dynamic research and development, Sungrow has made its place on top, so you better believe a huge chunk of their investment goes dedicatedly for that. They are capable of producing about 90GW per annum. Fortuitously their inverters have been accredited by CEC Australia, TUV, UL, CSA, and other well-recognized international authorities.

Is Sungrow a Good Brand?

The definition of a ‘good brand’ is a brand that stands true to its promises, a brand that meets its customer expectation and tries to even surpass that. So, indeed Sungrow is not only a good brand; they are more than just a ‘good brand’.
They have been dedicating a lot of their resources to R&D just to improve and give the mass people the confidence to use clean energy in the cheapest and most efficient way possible. This brand in no way took a ladder towards their success; rather, they had put in twice as much hard work to achieve their status in the market as one of the largest solar inverter manufacturers.
Since 2012 they have been operating in Australia, and many experienced solar installers even compare their inverters to Fronius inverters. Fronius is a European brand that is an Australian favourite, but the catch is they cost twice as much. So, being compared to Fronius for a fraction of the price, moreover being chosen over Fronius in a number of cases, surely proves Sungrows’ position overall. And Solar Emporium also agrees.
Sungrow is such a company that truly does care for the environment, and their driving force is just not only the profit. They practice what they preach; that is exactly why Sungrow themselves are dedicating their resources to make their operations 100% green by the year 2028.

Where Is Sungrow Inverter Manufactured?

Sungrow inverters are mainly manufactured in China. This way, they cut down on cost, unlike some European companies. If your aim is to find an inverter that will perform like a champ yet won’t break your bank in the process, Sungrow is the way to go. There might be some stigma around brands that are based and built in China. However, in the case of green energy and technologies, Chinese companies are almost dominating the industry, and people are also widely accepting this bittersweet change. Why won’t they? If they are providing spectacular quality products, then nothing should come in the way.
While investing in any inverter, what you should rely on more than anything is numbers because numbers don’t lie; if the right numbers match in the right category, Bingo! So, try not to hinder your way towards experiencing a top-of-the-line inverter by relying too much on mere stereotypes.
sungrow inverter

Available Models of Sungrow Inverter in the Australian Market

There are many available models of both residential and commercial grade inverters in the Australian market. Among many residential solar inverter models of Sungrow, the SG series is the most popular for its promising performance right now.
The SG series many comprise of string inverters which are first of all available at a very affordable price range; also, they flaunt many cool features. The modern SG string inverter series of Sungrow is lightweight and doesn’t have a transformer. With dual MPPT, Wi-Fi connection and an LCD display sitting on top of the inverter, the SG series is pretty amazing at its job.
sungrow hybrid inverter

Here are some common features of the SG Residential String inverter series-

  • Higher yield with Max. efficiency up to 98.4%
  • Has built-in LCD screen for monitoring purposes
  • DC/AC ratio up to 1.3
  • Upscale anti-corrosion rating at C5
  • For safe and time-efficient installation, there are push-in connectors
  • Online monitoring application (iSolarCloud)
  • Frequent firmware updates and features
  • Built-in surge arresters & RCD
  • Aluminium alloy die casting
  • Real-time monitoring with some of the premium models
  • Compact design and smart management system
sungrow inverter reviews

The whole SG series can be divided roughly into 3 main categories which are -

    • S series – Single MPPT with LCD display.
    • D series- Dual MPPT with LCD display.
    • TL-D series- Dual MPPT – parallel strings option with no display.
There is also a central inverter that is mostly meant for large scale industries. Starting from 500KW, these central inverters can provide up to 6.8MW of power supply. These central inverters can provide a large-scale facility with a whopping 99% efficiency rate, which is not to be taken lightly. Also, it has integrated current and voltage monitoring functions for online analysis and fast troubleshooting. Installation and transportation costs are cut down by a lot due it its 10-feet container design. This big boy is ready to power up equally as big facilities with all its might, and its performance will not let you down; we hope you don’t have any doubt in your mind about that.

Compare and Contrast Between the Different Models of Sungrow Inverter in Australia

Inverter TypeStringStringString
Rated AC Power Output3000 Watt8000 Watt8000 Watt
Maximum Continuous Output Current13.738.413.3
Maximum DC Voltage6006001100
Maximum Inverter Efficiency98.20%98.50%98.60%
Dimensions(W’H’D)300*370*125 mm360*390*148 mm370*485*160 mm
Weight (KG)8.515.520
Warranty (Years)101010
Water and Dust Proof CertificationIP685IP685IP685

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sungrow Inverter

While there are many advantages of Sungrow inverters, disadvantages are next to none in comparison to that. Here are some of them-


      • An average of 95% to 98% efficiency with all modules
      • Smartphone application to monitor the inverter
      • LCD display with most modules for easy inspection
      • Fantastic warranty periods
      • Aussies can apply for an additional warranty period on certain residential modules
      • The quality of the inverter is comparable to European brands like Fronius; however, the prices are not as high. The ratio of quality to price is praiseworthy
      • From 1kW to 110kW, single or three-phase, hybrid or no – Sungrow can fulfil any of your need


      • This is not necessarily a disadvantage, but the stigma behind being a Chinese born brand sometimes is considered as a disadvantage. Many customers tend to shy away when they get to know about Sungrows origins. It’s truly a shame

Sungrow Inverter Monitoring System (iSolarCloud)

Sungrow has its own dedicated mobile monitoring system, which can make your life a hundred times easier. With a touch on your smartphone, you can control your inverter by installing the iSolarCloud monitoring app using a working home Wi-Fi connection.
Previously they had an outdated monitoring platform which hindered user experience. What did Sungrow do about it? They listened to customer feedback and worked on it; as a result, now they have the latest monitoring app, which can not only regulate the inverter remotely but also show you status updates on important criteria. This app is simple and very easy to understand, so don’t worry; you don’t have to be a solar expert to make sense out of those numbers. Interface of the ISolarCloud solar inverter app
sungrow inverter app
The old SG model had a buster regarding the consumption monitoring which later on got fixed with the latest models. A smart energy meter and a Wi-Fi dongle are all it took to solve the issue. Now, Sungrow offers a variety of dongles, meters, and data loggers for three-phase and single installations. Keep in mind that energy meters are required for export limiting and for energy storage systems to function. The Sungrow SH5K hybrid inverters come with an S100 meter & dongle included for your convenience.
Sungrow is a brand that didn’t leave anyone behind and put thought while designing their inverters. For those who consider an app of even smartphones to be an extra hassle in their way of enjoying clean power sources, Sungrow left a tiny screen on the body of the actual inverter. If you are one of those who consider solar to be a set and forget kind of deal, then that tiny screen will keep you updated when you feel like getting any updates at all. There is a solution for everyone in this family.

Sungrow Inverters' Efficiency

Sungrow solar inverters boast an efficiency rate of 95% to 98% on average in their residential solar inverter modules. While many inverter manufacturers barely get to 95%. Unboundedly, Sungrow as the second largest solar inverter manufacturer in the world, flaunts these high numbers. As a Chinese company, they are able to keep the efficiency numbers high while keeping the price as low as possible. That is a rare combination indeed.

Warranty of Sungrow Inverter

Just a few years ago, Sungrow used to offer 5 years of warranty with their solar inverters. And with that, they used to provide 10 years of warranty on some chosen few models. This has changed recently, and now most modules of Sungrow solar inverters have 10 years of warranty. This revolution took place in Australia back in April 1st, 2020. Note that only you, the Aussies, can apply for a warranty extension at the moment until further notice. Some of the models which have the 10 years updated warranty plans are-
      • SG2K-S (Premium)
      • SG10KTL -MT
      • SG2K5-S (Premium)
      • SG30CX (Premium)
      • SH5.0RT
      • SG3K-S(Premium)
      • SG3K-D (Premium)
      • SG8K-D (Premium)
      • SH10RT
      • SG20KTLM
      • SH5K-30
      • SG5K-D (Premium)
      • SG15KTLM
      • SG50CX (Premium)
      • SG110CX (Premium)
      • SG5KTL-MT
The best part of being an Australian citizen and having a Sungrow inverter is that you don’t have to rely on your solar installers for any difficulties you face. Because Sungrow has an Australian office operating in 1703/99 Mount St, North Sydney NSW 2060, it would be unfair to them to not let you know about their amazing customer support. Sungrow is a brand that is loyal to their customer, and its motto is to provide you with an experience like never before, so if you ever have any doubts in your mind about Sungrow inverters, feel free to reach their Sydney office for spectacular services.
And don’t forget, our experienced solar experts are also available for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Is Sungrow Inverter Any Good?

We have given you ample information to answer this question already. However, if you still want an answer from us, then in a heartbeat, we would say yes; they are doing amazingly. With up to 98% efficiency rate in residential solar inverter models, Sungrow has already surpassed many giant companies. And with the help of constant research and development, we think they may one day hold the crown of the champions of the arena. Who knows?


Last but certainly not least, Sungrow inverter is a growing company with lots of potentials. They might as well leave the famous Fronius inverters behind one day and become the installer favourite in Australia. With a lot of unique and spectacular models, Sungrow is one of the best solar inverters available in the Australian market right now. If you choose to use clean energy, then in your solar system, PV modules and inverters are a must to make that happen, and if you choose to go with Sungrow inverters, we can assure you that will be one of the best decisions for your home.
If you have anything to know about solar inverters or even if you are interested in the process of going green, let us know in the comment section below or reach out to us at any moment. We will be waiting.
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