Solis Inverter Review 2023 | Enjoy the Sun in a Budget

Solis Inverter Review 2023
Are you looking for a top-notch inverter but are on a budget? Fret not! You have the “Sun” all to yourself. And by the “Sun”, I mean Solis Inverter; for your information, Solis came from a Latin word “sol solis”, which refers to the “SUN.”
So, if you want to enjoy and take advantage of this powerful energy source, you can go for Solis Inverter, but only after reading this review.
In this review, I will walk you through all the aspects of Solis Inverter, which will help you decide whether you should go for this company. So, let us dive right into it!
Solis 4g inverter 3P6K
Solis is a subsidiary of the Ningbo Ginlong Technologies Co Ltd subsidiary, established in 2005. Although it is manufactured in China, Solis has set up its offices and technical after-sales service centres in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, South Africa, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Romania etc.
Solis has a long history in the Australian market as they are one of the first three imported solar PV inverters to enter the market. As Solis does not believe in compromising the quality and distribution of the products, it does its bartering through one of the top 3 retailers in Australia, which also includes a few top specialist solar wholesalers.
Over the past 20 years, Solis has climbed the ladder of success in Australia by competing with solar retailers like Fronius, Sungrow, or Huawei. Solis Inverter is one of the most reasonable and suitable inverters for both commercial and residential properties in Australia; due to its enormous efficiency of up to 98%, it is currently one of the most affordable and hyped solar inverters.
The mission of the Solis inverter is to develop technology to power the world with clean energy. Fortunately, their inverters are CEC approved, which makes it easier for them to achieve their goals.

Is Solis a Good Brand?

So, let me put it this way, Solis Inverters are being used at China’s Shanghai Expo (Shanghai, China) and also at France’s Eiffel Tower; surely, they could have used any other solar inverter, but Solis’s inverter is so reliable and validated that they are not only being used all over the world but also at high profile places. Ginlong (Solis’s parent company), in 2016, even received China PV Industry’s Most Innovative Enterprises Awards in various categories for their advanced and powerful inverters.
Furthermore, Ginlong Solis (25-50) K-5G inverter, for its excellent quality and superb performance, has been awarded the “All Quality Matters” award at the All Quality Matters Solar Congress Award Ceremony. This award proves that the solar inverters made by Solis have top-notch factors. Such as high input capability, top EU efficiency, strong output capability, thorough thermal stability, and stellar performance.
Solis inverter is counted as one of the best inverters as it can produce power between 1kW to 60kW. It offers a user-friendly monitoring app that makes it easier to understand real-time readings. It comes with IP65 ratings, making them suitable for Australia’s weather. And Solis inverters are easy to install because of being lightweight and compact design.
Also, Solis has achieved rapid revenue and profit growth for many years because of its leading technology and dedication to product quality. Solis was ranked among the top 5 in the global string market. Most notably, in China’s Domestic Residential, in global single-phase and in global three-phase string market share by shipments (MWac). Furthermore, Solis ranked third among the Asian Brands by BloombergNEF’s Inverter Bankability.
This solar inverter company is highly focused on research and development to keep up with the high demands and ongoing trends in the renewable energy sector.
Solis’s inverter is safe, efficient, and dependable, as they put their customers at the centre of their decisions and ensure that the customers can rely on them. Recently, Solis has conducted and participated in developing more than ten national and industry standards.  They formulated two national standards as of the first drafting unit. They are one of the important setters and participants of photovoltaic string inverter industry standards.
So, if you are still wondering if Solis is a good brand, let me assure you that choosing Solis’s inverter will not disappoint you. The company takes their responsibility very seriously in fulfilling the global vision to provide the renewable energy industry with the most technically advanced range of string inverters.

Where Are Solis Inverter Manufactured?

Ginlong Technologies (the parent company of Solis) sounds Chinese, right? It certainly is. As mentioned above, Solis inverters are manufactured in China. But, they have got their office set up in Australia, Cheltenham, Victoria.
Therefore, you don’t have to worry about not being able to reach them if you face any sort of problem. If you want your solar inverter to perform miracles without wanting to burn a hole in your pocket, then Solis is definitely your go-to solar inverter.
Where are solis inverter made

Different Versions of Solis Inverter

Two main versions of Solis inverter for which it’s basically famous:

String Inverter:

  • The DC electricity produced in the string inverters is then transformed into AC current.
  • Solis’ string inverter needs to be kept near the fuse box and electricity meter.
  • They are usually cheaper than other types of inverters.
  • String Inverters are really good solar inverters for homes.
  • One or a maximum of two-string inverters will suffice on a solar panel located on a residential rooftop.

Hybrid Inverter:

  • It’s also known as a “smart inverter” because it smartly ensures that no energy is lost.
  • It has both on-grid and off-grid capabilities, giving you the benefit of using the solar inverter even when it gets dark.
  • A hybrid inverter supplies DC power to the battery. And it also provides power to your home’s appliances, for both on-grid and off-grid systems, in the form of AC current.
  • It can track the correct time to draw charges from the grid. And also, when the battery is fully charged, the excess amount of energy can be sent back to the grid.
  • Hybrid solar inverters can go to standby mode if any problem arises, rather than turning off completely.
  • It can also expand batteries that help lessen your troubles caused by the lower voltage battery compatibility.
Solis is famous for its innovative string technology to deliver first-class reliability, validated under the strictest international certifications. And if you are concerned about your solar panels in Australia’s extreme weather conditions, let me assure you that Solis’s inverters provide protection against harsh weather; it ensures that no environmental catastrophes can worsen the already set heating conditions of the solar inverter.
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Available Solis Solar Inverters in Australian Market

Guess who entered the Australian solar market when the demand for solar inverters was at its peak? You guessed it right, Solis is one of the very few inverters to do so. Solis provides a huge efficiency rate of up to 98% in this huge arena of competition for solar inverters. Also, they provide an affordable price range, making their solar inverters one of the most economical for residential and commercial applications.
Solis is well known for its string inverters, which contain many amazing features, such as they are extremely lightweight, and their compact portability makes them easier to install.
However, there’s a variety of Solis’s solar inverters, each consisting of their individual unique features. So, without any further ado, let me walk you through some of the varieties of Solis inverters along with their features that are available in the Australian market: –

Solis Single Phase Inverter : Solis-1P8K-5G

  • Maximum efficiency rate reaches up to 98.1% with an EU efficiency rate up to 97.3%.
  • It is a single-phase string inverter suitable for residential, commercial and industrial areas.
  • It can adopt ultra-high switching frequency, ultra-thin single four-layer board design, and can significantly reduce the risk caused by the connector.
  • Built-in DC-PV2 Switch (optional), comply with AS/NZS 5033 requirements.
  • Dual MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm; with a voltage range between 90-520V.
  • Integrated DC Switch (meets AS 5033 standards).
  • It has a built-in DC-PV2 Switch (optional).
  • IP65 with corrosion resistance for a sleek exterior.
  • Grid connection standard: AS/NZS 4777.2
  • It supports 24h consumption monitoring with a smart meter.
  • Wi-Fi for both Android and iPhone smartphones.

Solis Single Phase Inverter: Solis-3P6K-4G-AU

  • It is a three-phase series string inverter that is reliable and preferred for residential, small industrial and commercial PV power stations.
  • It’s small in size but high in efficiency, up to 98.7%.
  • Complies with Western Power, SA, VIC, QLD, and NSW grid requirements.
  • It has a built-in DC-PV2 Switch (optional), which complies with AS/NZS 5033 requirements.
  • THDi<1.5%, low harmonic distortion against the grid.
  • Dual MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm with a voltage range between 160-850V.
  • IP65 with corrosion resistance for a sleek exterior.
  • It has Wi-Fi and GPRS to monitor the regular activities of the inverters.
  • There are multiple protection functions integrated with adjustable Volt-Watt and Volt-Var functions.
Solis single phase inverter-3P6K-4G-AU

Solis Single Phase Inverter: Solis-3P8K-4G-AU

  • A perfect 4G three-phase series string inverter with a maximum efficiency rate of 98.7%.
  • Dual MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm for more flexibility and efficiency, with a voltage ranging from 160-850V.
  • Built-in DC-PV2 Switch (optional).
  • THDi<1.5%, low harmonic distortion against the
  • It consists of the Ingress protection of IP65 for protection against dust or water.
  • It has RS485, Wi-Fi and GPRS (optional) for better communication.
  • Integrated Export Power Manager (EPM) with adjustable Volt-Watt and Volt-Var functions.

Solis Hybrid Inverter: RHI-6K-48ES-5G

  • It’s an innovative Hybrid Storage Inverter with an efficiency of 97.5%.
  • With an Ingress Protection of IP65.
  • Intelligent BMS function, improving battery’s reliability.
  • Integrated DC Switch (meets AS 5033 standards).
  • Its MPPT voltage ranges from 90-520V.
  • Provides uninterrupted power supply, 20ms reaction.
  • It follows the grid requirements of Western Power, SA, VIC, QLD, and NSW.
  • The higher charge-discharge efficiency allows for improving the economic benefits.
  • Can maintain it at your fingertips with its upgraded and remotely controlled function- RS485, Optional: Wi-Fi, GPRS.
  • The high-frequency isolation technology and its fanless design increase its lifespan and make it safer.
  • Provides 5kW backup power to support important loads.
  • Its peak shaving and shifting capabilities make it grid friendly.
  • To increase benefits and maximize self-consumption, there are multiple working modes integrated.
  • The intelligent BMS function helps to improve the battery’s reliability.
  • It has got a 24-hour full intelligent energy management feature and a real-time grasp of PV plant status.
Solis hybrid inverter RHI-6K-48ES-5G
These are a few variants of Solis inverters from which you can choose what suits you the best. There are a few more Solis’ inverters with similar features, namely- Solis-3P8K-4G-AU-MX, Solis-3P9K-4G-AU, and Solis-3P10K-4G-AU.

These three-phase inverters have a whopping efficiency rate of 98.3%. It comes with integrated power control system and DRM (Demand Response Mode). These signal the inverter to change the mode of operation.

Ever wondered why doesn’t any sort of change occur even when the inverter is 45 degrees Celsius? Because Solis’ inverters undergo rigorous testing such as thermal cycling, humidity, and freezing temperature, and it’s heated nearly at 40 degrees! We sincerely hope you have no doubt regarding Solis’s inverter because these top-notch solar inverters with such amazing features and facilities will satisfy you.

Side-by-Side Comparison of Solis Inverters (Table)

Inverter TypeString Single PhaseString Three PhaseString Three PhaseHybrid
Battery Ready OptionNoNoNoYes
Rated AC Power Output8000 Watt6600 Watt8000 Watt5000 Watt
Maximum Continuous Output Current34.8A9.5A12.7A22.7A
Maximum DC Voltage60010001000600
Maximum Inverter Efficiency98.10%98.30%98.30%97.50%
Dimensions(W’H’D)310*543*180 mm310*563*219 mm310*563*219 mm333*505*249 mm
Weight (KG)13.318.918.917
Water and Dust Proof CertificationIP65IP65IP65IP65
DC connection:MC4 connectorMC4 connectorMC4 connectorMC4 connector
AC connection:Quick connection plugQuick connection plugQuick connection plugQuick connection plug
GPRS and 4GOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Warranty5 Years5 Years5 Years5 Years
Warranty (Optional )10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years

Advantage and Disadvantage of Solis Inverter

Solis inverters qualities are surely praiseworthy, but nothing is inch-perfect. But not to worry, the disadvantages of the Solis’ solar inverter are nothing compared to their jampacked advantages. Let’s take a quick look at those:


  • These inverters are definitely the bang for your buck! Their cheap pricing doesn’t impact the overall quality, features, performance and durability at all.
  • The inverters go through a strict manufacturing process & DNG VL’s third-party quality testing. Solis’s inverters are indeed the ideal tier 1 product with amazing performance.
  • They can be effortlessly monitored through the GPRS interface and Wi-Fi, which makes them easily accessible.
  • They have got an efficiency rate ranging from 97.5%-98.3% in all modules.
  • Solis provides not only technical solutions but also solves warranty issues even after sales! Solis Australasia Pty Ltd (a subsidiary retailer of Ginlong) are super responsive by phone, email or direct contact if needed.
  • All of their inverters and hybrids come with Ingress Protection IP65 for extra safety and for the sleek-looking exterior.
  • They are lightweight and easy to install.
  • It has got wide voltage range and low startup voltage.
  • It can produce power between 1kW to 60kW.


  • Solis’s only issue is that it has a less warranty period compared to other solar inverter companies. It comes with only 5 years of warranty, which can be extended based on your solar systems’ It mounts up to 8 or 10 years, depending on your situation.

Solis Inverter Monitoring System

Solis monitoring device- Wifi-Stick

Solis offers a wide range of devices to monitor your inverters. It has Wi-Fi Sticks, allowing easy access to your inverter’s monitoring system from anywhere. All you need is a good internet connection. These Wi-Fi sticks are compatible with any of the Solis’ inverters.

You can also buy a Solis Data Logging Box if you have several inverters that require internet connection. It is basically an external data logger with the same function as the Wi-Fi Stick. In addition, it connects multiple inverters through RS485/422.
Or, you can simply install SolisCloud, which is the new generation PV system monitoring app, to check and view the energy flow of your house.
It displays all your installations with actual data. It even has an alarm system to notify you to fix or repair any sort of fault in your inverter. Furthermore, this monitoring platform shows you the overall condition of your solar inverter. You can also set up a monitoring account using your web browser by logging on to

Solis Inverters' Efficiency and Performance?

Solis inverter set to sail its journey more than 20 years ago. Immediately, the brand began to rule the solar industry. Solis’ inverter comes with a maximum efficiency of 97.5-98.3%.
Till now, it remained consistent with their efficiency rate.  And this was possible because of the top-class testing done on the inverters.

Their overall performance has been outstanding till now. Whether it’s a single-phase, three-phase inverter or a hybrid inverter, their performance shines! Both single-phase and three-phase 4G series, are the best value for money.

And the Solis RHI Hybrid 5G Series is a breath of fresh air, combining UPS functionality (Uninterrupted Power Supply). Therefore, Solis inverter’s overall efficiency, performance, and designs are promising for those looking for a good inverter under a budget.

Warranty of Solis Inverter

Initially, Solis solar inverter comes with 5 years of warranty, but it can be extended to either 8 or 10 years. And in any case, if you face any technical difficulties or warranty-related issues, you should contact the installers who installed the solar system on your property; you can also visit their website and fill out their Service Request Form.  And our solar experts are also ready for your service. Feel free to contact us with your queries!

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Are Solis Inverter Any Good?

The answer to your question is YES! Solis inverter has succeeded in recent years and gained its name in the Australian market. Even Monash University in Melbourne installed a 1MW PV plant with Solis 50kW inverters.

Could there BE any more explanations? But for your peace of mind, let us assure you that Solis has reached the top significantly, making their company profitable. As a result, they can provide you guys with great quality inverters at a reasonable price.


In conclusion, Solis is a company that gained people’s trust with their extraordinary products. They made people believe that pricing doesn’t necessarily impact the quality of the inverters. Even at a low price, you can get great quality inverters that can compete with inverters like Fronius.

Yes, you heard that right! We assure you that Solis certainly meets the standard of a premium inverter which is perfect for your property. So, if you are on a budget but want an A-grade inverter, you definitely should give Solis a try.

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Frequently Asked Question:

Are Solis Inverters Batteries Ready?

Yes, Solis’ inverters are battery-ready, which provide the best voltage tolerance.