SolaX Inverter Review | Is This Your Perfect Breakthrough?

SolaX Inverter Review
Are you afraid to trust an inverter of a newbie like SolaX? Wondering that it might not be up to the mark? Worry not, mate! SolaX, although a comparatively new inverter, has bound to make people’s heads turn in the solar inverter industry. It is a subsidiary company of the Suntellite Group in China which was established in 2010, and in 2014 it entered the Australian market and opened its office in Victoria. In this short span of time SolaX has opened 5 more global offices- in the UK, US Netherlands and Germany, can you imagine? It’s surely achieving its mission to create environmental and economical-friendly solar inverters with over 500 employees, distributing to 66 countries via 200 distribution channels.

SolaX Inverter Review

SolaX Inverter Review
SolaX is like the dark horse in the race, as at the beginning, little was known about its company because there were other manufactures that were dominating the solar industry. But soon enough, SolaX’s economical-friendly battery-ready X-hybrid inverter had brought them quick fame in the solar community, and now it has installed over 600000 inverters which is a total of 6GW worldwide! That’s an applaudable number for a company that started its journey only 11 years ago. Therefore, this SolaX inverter review will give you a clear conception of the inverters’ capacity and quality; it will also help you decide whether the SolaX inverter is worth the shot. So, kindly bear with us till the end of this review.

Is SolaX a Good Brand?

SolaX inverter go through a rigorous amount of testing, ensuring that its solar inverters are nothing less than perfect. If you’re still wondering whether SolaX’s solar inverters are good for you; so, ladies and gentlemen, let me assure you that SolaX inverter meet the highest international standards that is suitable to use in countries like Australia, Germany, the US etc. where the slightest fault in the inverter can ruin its name in a matter of seconds. Therefore, it is SolaX inverter utmost priority to produce some of the finest and durable inverters for you guys.
SolaX has been providing its customer with some of the most unique, up-to-date, evasive inverters and that too at an affordable price. It’s a perfect package deal for those who want the latest and greatest quality solar inverter without burning a hole in their pockets.
SolaX’s strong participation in the R&D has helped it improve its existing products and skilled workforce, which ultimately channelled its expertise and booming technology to make a mark in the solar inverter world. Hold on; there’s more to it; SolaX recently has been associated with one of the most prestigious research universities in China named Zhejiang University for their impressive R&D facility to accentuate some of their significant inverters. Furthermore, they are producing some of the most competitive inverters with the help of their solar experts so that SolaX inverters can have a neck-to-neck competition with the top-class Chinese and European manufacturers. And they have been continuously improving their product quality since the release of the global solar energy storage inverter in 2013; SolaX has been at the lead, breaking through the technical barriers and contributing to solar energy’s storage’s technology development.
Therefore, on April 2021, SolaX Power was announced to be the winner of the “All Quality Matters” award in the category of Energy Storage Converter for Home Use (10kW) with its most innovative three-phase X3-Hybrid G4 Inverter. Also, in the very same year, SolaX Power has been awarded the Red Dot Award Product Design 2021 for its latest released X-ESS G4 Energy Storage System, which has an innovative futuristic design, unique technology; and is basically an all-rounder residential solar system. SolaX was also recognized at the annual Tonglu Economic and Industry Development Conference with three awards- Top Ten Import & Export Enterprises 2019, Newly Listed Provincial Research Institutes 2019, and First Set of Key Industry Production of Zhejiang Province Equipment Manufacturing Industry 2020, for its achievements in the solar energy industry. These awards mark SolaX inverters scientific research strength and sales scale to another level. SolaX has been bombarded with lots of awards; for instance, SolaX was selected to be on the 2019 Zhejiang Provincial Innovative Leading Enterprises Incubation List.
Furthermore, all of the SolaX inverters are approved by Australia’s Clean Energy Council (CEC). SolaX stands true to its word on being “simple, reliable and efficient”. SolaX’s humble spirit is clearly visible in its constant endeavour to improve its product quality. It aims to make its solar inverters sophisticated with top-notch standards. Therefore, winning the All Quality Matters award surely proves how good of a brand SolaX is for you.

Where Is SolaX Inverter Manufactured?

You might be wondering that as SolaX is a subsidiary company of the Suntellite Group which is from China, so SolaX inverter manufacturing will naturally belong to China? Yes, you are right. Like the majority of the solar inverter company, SolaX belongs to a Chinese company; thus, all of its products are also manufactured from there. So, as it’s being manufactured in China, SolaXs’ inverters come at a cheap price, can you imagine? An A-grade product, that too at reasonable pricing? Amazing right!!
And as mentioned earlier, SolaX might belong to a Chinese company, but it has its physical office right here in Australia, so if you ever face any sort of problem regarding your inverter, you can directly contact their office and share your issues rather than going to your installer.

Different Types of SolaX Inverter Available in the Australian Market

SolaX has got both single-phase and three-phase string inverters. SolaX single-phase string inverters are also known as “grid-tie” or “non-islanding inverters”. But these single-phase string inverters don’t support the use of battery storage or allow electricity from solar panels to be used when the grid is down.
You can have battery storage installed in your home if you go for the single-phase string inverters, but it will need to operate independently from the inverter by connecting it to a DC converter or a battery inverter. Furthermore, they can be used in homes that have three-phase power.
So, let’s take a look at some of the range of Single-Phase String Inverters and their features:

SolaX Power X1-Mini 0.7-2.0 kW

  • These inverters are designed and engineered for small PV arrays ranging from 0.7KW – 2.0KW.
  • It has a maximum efficiency rate of 97.1% with a start-up voltage of 70V.
  • Its Euro efficiency rate is 96.5%.
  • It is very sleek, small and light-weighted, it has been designed to be installed in the smallest of spaces, with a footprint of 32.8cm, and it weighs only 6KG.
  • It is IP65 protected; they are good to be used in any sort of environment.
  • It can be monitored online.
  • It is equipped with a standard LCD display.
  • Storage temperature -30~+70 Degree Celsius.
  • It weighs 6 kilograms.
  • Warranty of 5-10 years.

SolaX Power X1-Air 2.5-3.3 kW

  • These inverters boast a wide MPPT voltage of 580V, which allows for more energy harvesting.
  • Maximum efficiency rate of 97.1%. and the Euro efficiency rate is 96.8%
  • It is IP65 rated corrosion resistance for a sleek exterior.
  • It has got optional ‘plug & play’ WIFI.
  • It is the ultimate small residential solar inverter, perfect for homes with solar panels on a single side of the roof.
  • IP65 resistant, it’s water and dust resistant.
  • It has got an online monitoring system.
  • It has got an LCD Display.
  • It weighs 10.5kilograms.
  • Storage temperature of -25~60 Degree Celsius.
  • Standard warranty of 5-10 years.
SolaX Solar Inverter Power X1 Air 2.5-3.3-kW
SolaX Solar Inverter Power X1 Boost-3.0-5.0-kW

SolaX Power X1-Boost 3.0-5.0 kW

  • It is the ultimate residential solar inverter, specially designed for homes with solar panels on different sides of the roof.
  • Equipped with Dual MPPT trackers, it can be connected to two separate panel arrays.
  • It has a maximum DC voltage of 600V.
  • The efficiency rate is 97.8%; Euro efficiency is 97%.
  • IP65 rated protection; you can install both indoor or outdoor; it is water and dust resistant.
  • It’s simple, reliable, and efficient.
  • MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Voltage range of 70-580V.
  • It weighs 13.5-14.5 kilograms
  • Storage temperature of -25~+60 Degree Celsius.

SolaX Power X1-Smart 6.0-8.0 kW

  • These are the smart range of inverters that promises outstanding performance as it has DSP (Digital Signal Processor) control technology, which utilizes the latest high-efficiency power components.
  • It has an LCD with a backlight.
  • Online Monitoring system.
  • IP65 rated- corrosion resistant.
  • Maximum efficiency of 97.4%; Euro Efficiency of 96.80%
  • Perfect for residential PV arrays, great for homes with solar panels on different sides of the roof.
  • Dual MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) trackers.
  • Storage temperature of -25~+60 Degree Celsius.
  • It weighs 22 kilograms.
  • Warranty of 5-10 years.

We got to see some brilliant range of SolaX's single-phase string inverters. Now let's dive into the variations and features of SolaX's Three-phase string inverters:


SolaX Power X3-Mic 4.0-10.0 kW

  • It is one of the most efficient residential and commercial string solar inverters.
  • It has got an efficiency rate of 98.5%; Euro efficiency of 97.8%.
  • Storage temperature ranging from -25~+60 Degree Celsius.
  • Equipped with a natural cooling system.
  • Optimized with an LCD Display.
  • Warranty of 5-10 years.
  • It has IP65 rated protection.
  • Equipped with both Software and Hardware Protection.
  • Wide MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Voltage range of 160-900V.

SolaX Power X3-Pro 8.0-15.0 kW

  • It has an MPPT voltage range of 160-850V.
  • It is equipped with two MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) trackers.
  • Euro efficiency of 97.8% and Maximum efficiency of 98.3%.
  • It is water and dust resistant, perfect for Australia’s weather as it is IP65 protection rated.
  • Perfect for a small commercial or residential solar inverter.
  • It can be connected to two separate panel arrays.
  • Weighs 32 kilograms.
  • LCD display with backlight.
Now, hold onto to your seats as you are going to know about the best product of SolaX. Let me tell you this, SolaX is highly recognized in the market for its outstanding Hybrid inverters. It was the winner of the 2021 “All Quality Matters” for its energy storage inverter- X3-Hybrid G4 inverter, which is the fourth generation of the three-phase hybrid inverter. I am very sure that you be loving this!

SolaX Power X1-Hybrid 3.0-5.0 kW

  • This hybrid inverter includes both single-phase and three-phase models.
  • It is compatible with the leading lithium-ion battery.
  • Provides protection against power outages.
  • It comes with built-in export control, allowing you to manage the power you generate exactly how you want to.
  • Equipped with an online monitoring system.
  • Has a “plug & play” installation system.
  • It can increase the self-consumption of solar power.
  • MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) voltage range of 125-550V.
  • Euro efficiency of 97% and maximum efficiency of 97.8%.
  • 6000W Charge/Discharge Rate.
  • Storage temperature of -20~+60 Degree Celsius.
  • IP65 protection rated.
  • Noise emission ≤40 dB(A)
  • Warranty of 5 to 10 years.

SolaX Power X3-Hybrid 5.0-10.0 kW

  • It includes inverters ranging in size from 5 to 10kW.
  • Has the ability to install multiple inverters in parallel, scalable battery storage for commercial applications.
  • It’s equipped with an EPS (Emergency Power Supply) function, but it needs to be supported by extra changeover devices.
  • Has multiple communication options and can be controlled remotely.
  • Can be monitored online.
  • Gives protection against power outages.
  • It’s both water and dust resistant with IP65 certified.
  • It has an MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) voltage range of 180-950V.
  • Maximum efficiency of 97.8% and Euro efficiency of 97%.
  • It weighs 45 kilograms.
  • It has a Storage temperature of -20 ~ +60 Degree Celsius.
  • Equipped with LCD with backlight.
  • It has a built-in export control, which allows you to manage the power you generate.

Compare And Contrast Between the Different Models of SolaX Inverter in Australia

ModelsSolaX Power X1-MiniSolaX Power X1-AirSolaX Power X1-BoostSolaX Power X1-SmartSolaX Power X3-MicSolaX Power X3-ProSolaX Power X1-HybridSolaX Power X3-Hybrid
Inverter TypeString Single PhaseString Single PhaseString Single PhaseString Single PhaseString Three PhaseString Three PhaseHybridHybrid
Battery Ready OptionNoNoNoNoNoNoYesYes
Display TypeLCDLCD (Touch Display)LCD (Touch Display)LCD (Touch Display)LCDLCDLCDLCD
Rated AC Power Output600-3680 Watt2750-3630 Watt3000-5000 Watt6000-8000 Watt5000 Watt8500-16500 Watt3000-9999 Watt5000-10000 Watt
Maximum Continuous Output Current16A15.8A21.7A35A8A23.9A47.7A15.9A
Maximum DC Voltage550600600550100010006001000
Maximum Inverter Efficiency98.00%97.10%97.80%97.40%98.50%98.30%97.80%97.80%
Dimensions(W’H’D)268*328*116 mm323*402*119 mm430*341.5*143 mm450*401*190 mm534*419*201 mm534*419*179 mm476*464*180 mm457*654*228 mm
Weight (KG)610.514.52230322445
Water and Dust Proof CertificationIP66IP65IP65IP65IP65IP65IP65IP65
DC connection:MC4 connectorMC4 connectorMC4 connectorMC4 connectorMC4 connectorMC4 connectorMC4 connectorMC4 connector
AC connection:Quick connection plugQuick connection plugQuick connection plugQuick connection plugQuick connection plugQuick connection plugQuick connection plugQuick connection plug
GPRS and 4GYesOptionalYesOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Warranty10 Years5 Years5 Years5 Years5 Years5 Years5 Years5 Years
Warranty (Optional )N/A10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years

Advantages and Disadvantages of SolaX Inverter

SolaX inverter is next to perfection, but you surely know that even the Moon has its flaw; so does SolaX. But don’t you worry, the disadvantages of SolaX’s solar inverter is absolutely minor next to its advantages. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at them;


  • There’s a variety of products offered for residential, commercial and industrial solar applications, including standard solar photovoltaic (PV) system inverters, hybrid inverters for systems with storage, as well as batteries and battery cabinets.
  • The SolaX inverters are tested, designed, and manufactured to the highest global standards and come with several international module certifications.
  • The components are sourced from suppliers in Germany, Japan and the USA.
  • They have an extremely progressive and professional research and development team.
  • It comes with an excellent user-friendly cloud-based monitoring system for your inverter.
  • It has an efficiency of up to 97.6%.
  • It has got a long life span; its meantime for failure is 100,000 hours, which is hugely admired.
  • It is expected to function for over 11 years!
  • SolaX inverters have flexibility through a variety of charge and discharge settings.
  • Equipped with heat dissipation technology.
  • All of SolaX’s inverters are IP65 protection rated, which is extremely beneficial for Australia’s weather.
  • Its Wi-Fi connectivity is strengthened with the “Smart Plug”, which enables a far better controlling of the inverter remotely.
  • SolaX is committed to design and manufacture a leading, reliable, safe and cost-effective range of PV products and energy system solutions.
  • SolaX offers a great warranty of up to 5-10 years with full support through its Australian office.
  • The noise emissions of SolaX’s inverters are under 25 decibels.
  • In Australia, SolaX has one of the global standard customer support teams willing to give technical support, remote monitoring, product replacement, etc. 24/7
  • Last but not least, you will get SolaX’s top-notch inverter without burning a hole in your wallet.


  • SolaX is not considered as reliable as Fronius or ABB inverter, but they are proving it wrong; with a low price, their multimode inverters appear to be one of the cheapest methods of installing some types of batteries with backups.
  • They are comparatively a new company as it started in 2010, but they are the underdog in the solar market because of their amazing quality product at an affordable price.

SolaX Inverter Monitoring System

SolaX has an all-in-one monitoring system called “SolaX Cloud”, which offers the perfect real-time monitoring solution. You can control your inverters through SolaX Cloud and perform key inverter maintenance and updates from anywhere in the world. If you want to save for a rainy day, then you should definitely go for SolaX Cloud; be that for a commercial PV system or residential system, the monitoring of PV systems and centralized management of SolaX Cloud is definitely your go-to app.
Additionally, you can also use some of the optional connectivity devices that come with the SolaX pocket Wi-Fi Dongle, which you can use for tracking the inverter’s status from any part of the world.
SolaX Pocket WiFi Dongle

Wi-Fi Dongle

Or, a Pocket LAN Dongle can be used if Wi-Fi is not suitable for your situation. So, this SolaX Pocket LAN Dongle can be used to connect to the ethernet to avoid any latency caused by the Wi-Fi.
SolaX Pocket LAN Dongle

LAN Dongle

If you have network issues, you can use the SolaX Pocket GPRS Dongle to monitor your inverter. You won’t be needing to use LAN or Wi-Fi connection to track your inverter.
SolaX Pocket GPRS Dongle

GPRS Dongle

The SolaX Cloud’s simple plug & play will not only provide you with the PV production, but also you will know the battery’s performance, get the live data, historical performance, an overall in-depth report of your system. Furthermore, it will notify you of the unforeseen faulty activities caused by the inverters and will send an email right away with a detailed report of your problem.
Solax inverter monitoring

SolaX Inverter Efficiency and Performance

SolaX is a perfect package deal for you; SolaX inverter has remarkable quality, longevity, its superb performance in high temperatures; it is definitely a versatile inverter and that too in a budget! What more can you want! After all, good things come in small packages, right?
Now, let’s talk about efficiency, so, normally a residential inverters efficiency rate is from 95% to 98%. But guess what! SolaX EXCEEDS that, yes, you heard that right! SolaX inverters efficiency is from 97.1% to 98.5%. So, what do you think? Could it Be any more efficient!

Warranty of SolaX Inverter

SolaX, like any other solar inverter company, provides 5 years of warranty. But in SolaX, you can claim an extra 5 years of warranty if you fill out a replacement form. Furthermore, you can also extend your warranty for up to a maximum of 15 to 20 years, only if you are eligible, but that has to be done within 36 months from commissioning.
If you face any more issues or have any sort of questions regarding SolaX inverter, our solar experts are more than happy to help you out. So don’t you hesitate to reach us out.

Our Solar Experts are here to help!

Is SolaX Inverter Any Good?

SolaX inverter has a wide range of single phase and three phase solar inverters which became appealing with its remarkable quality, durability and performance. SolaX aims to build a new power system with renewable energy as the main body; it wants to promote green and low-carbon energy transformation; therefore, it has a dream of achieving the goal of “carbon peak and carbon neutral”. In these 11 years of journey, SolaX has made sure to climb up the ladder and compete with top-notch inverters like Sungrow, Solis, GroWatt, etc. So, to answer your question, whether SolaX inverter is any good? Then, YES, SolaX inverter is definitely good; it’s worth both your time and money. I guarantee that SolaX inverter is undoubtedly reliable for you, as they strive hard to live up to your expectations by providing the best quality products with cheap pricing.


Lastly, SolaX- a relatively new company, has made its mark in just 11 years. Although it’s still a growing company, but it surely has the potential to gain more fame than it already has. So, if you want to go green, then you should go for SolaX, as SolaX undoubtedly is the perfect breakthrough for you!
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