GoodWe Inverter Review | Is GoodWe Any Good In 2023?

goodwe inverter review

A Brand Synopsis

‘Where the sun shines, there is GoodWe!’ says GoodWe, and I second that. This is a Chinese inverter manufacturing brand that operates in more than 80 countries. They have been listed as a public limited company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, which is proof enough for those who are wondering how big are they as a PV manufacturer.
What is the secret behind their successful venture that installed more than two million inverters worldwide? First of all, the credit goes to the impeccable inverters that millions of people use and love. Secondly, their dedicated Research and Development team with over 500 scientists who are working tirelessly in order to achieve a technological epiphany.
goodwe inverter review
The fact that I addressed them as a successful venture, what did they achieve so far to be called one? Well, they were awarded as the Global No.1 storage inverter by Wood Mackenzie in 2020. Also, they are a proud beholder of the prestigious compliance certificate by the TÜV Rheinland as the very first non-European inverter manufacturer brand.
Still feeling a bit sceptical? Let me tell you that GoodWe is listed in the EUPD Researches list of Top PV suppliers. They have received a token of recognition by the EUPD as the Top PV Brand Award was bestowed upon them.

Where Is GoodWe Inverter Manufactured?

At first, let me make it a hundred percent clear that GoodWe is an affordable brand. While many other inverters in the market may not be very pocket-friendly, GoodWe is sure to be the one to make you super happy. As a potential buyer, I understand that your concern is both quality and cost, and GoodWe does not compromise on either of your concerns.
So, you might wonder how does GoodWe make it happen? Top-notch quality inverters at such a low cost? Well, their inverters are manufactured in China! Allow me to explain.
You see, manufacturing anything in China significantly lowers the cost of the finished goods, let it be inverters, solar panels, mobile phones, or absolutely anything else. Because the cost of labour is cheap in China, they are a densely populated country jampacked with skilled labour. If you look it up a little, you will see China focuses on converting its burden of large population into an asset, and that’s why manufacturing is such a massive business for them.
So, being a Chinese company themselves, it was natural for them to manufacture in China so that you can enjoy a fine inverter at a sensational price.
What about GoodWe Australia? Please be informed that they also have an Australian office for you to contact at any given moment. For more information about their exact office location near you, follow this link.

Available Models of GoodWe Inverter in the Australian Market

Here are some of the phenomenal inverters that GoodWe has to offer for residential use. Please take a look-

GoodWe XS Series

  • Equipped with 133% DC oversizing capability, which allows full load output during extreme weather
  • European Efficiency can reach up to 97.2%
  • Small in size, it’s comparable to an A4 size paper
  • An optional LAN/WIFI communication option is available
  • Freedom to switch to another monitoring system after installation
  • Single MPPT
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Maximum Efficiency is 97.6%
  • Integrated AC overvoltage protection and DC switch
  • You can choose between an LED or LCD
  • There is IP65 rated protection available that makes the inverter splashproof
GoodWe XS Series: Specifications
goodwe xs series
goodwe sdt series

GoodWe SDT Series

  • Up to 98.6% maximum efficiency
  • Dual MPPTs
  • Super large 5-inch LCD
  • Integrated output over voltage protection
  • It offers a quiet operation due to its fanless, natural convection cooling
  • European Efficiency is up to 98%
  • Integrated type III AC SPD protection
  • Transformerless topology
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Class I protective class protection
GoodWe SDT Series: Specifications

GoodWe MS Series

  • Triple MPPT, single-phase inverter
  • 200% DC oversizing, allowing full load output in compromised weather conditions
  • 110% AC overloading, preventing a common cause of malfunction
  • European Efficiency is up to 97.3%
  • Maximum Efficiency is up to 97.7%
  • Two options of the display, LCD Display/LED Display
  • IP65 rated protection against splashing
  • Low startup voltage of 80V, which lets the inverter work from almost dusk till dawn
  • It comes with an AFCI integrated protection
  • Able to generate electricity earlier than equivalent products
  • Optional Wi-Fi/LAN available
GoodWe MS Series: Specifications
goodwe ms series
goodwe dns series

GoodWe DNS Series

  • Offers dual MPPT
  • European efficiency rate is up to 97.5%
  • Built-in anti-reverse function which allows to control the amount of power exported to the grid
  • 20% Volume Optimization
  • Compatible with high power and bi-facial modules
  • IP65 rated splash proofing
  • It makes lesser noise, is also dustproof
  • App to control and investigate
  • Integrated AC short circuit protection and over voltage protection
  • Maximum efficiency is up to 97.8%
  • Transformerless
GoodWe DNS Series: Specifications
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Compare and Contrast Between the Different Models of GoodWe Inverter in Australia

ModelsSolis-1P8K-5GSolis-3P6K-4G-AUSolis-3P8K-4G-AUSolis RHI-6K-48ES-5G
Inverter TypeString Single PhaseString Three PhaseString Three PhaseHybrid
Battery Ready OptionNoNoNoYes
Rated AC Power Output8000 Watt6600 Watt8000 Watt5000 Watt
Maximum Continuous Output Current34.8A9.5A12.7A22.7A
Maximum DC Voltage60010001000600
Maximum Inverter Efficiency98.10%98.30%98.30%97.50%
Dimensions(W’H’D)310*543*180 mm310*563*219 mm310*563*219 mm333*505*249 mm
Weight (KG)13.318.918.917
Water and Dust Proof CertificationIP65IP65IP65IP65
DC connection:MC4 connectorMC4 connectorMC4 connectorMC4 connector
AC connection:Quick connection plugQuick connection plugQuick connection plugQuick connection plug
GPRS and 4GOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Warranty5 Years5 Years5 Years5 Years
Warranty (Optional )10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years

Strengths and Weaknesses of GoodWe Inverter

Like any other inverter, GoodWe has some characteristics that are worth cherishing and some aspects with room for growth. Let’s address those right below so that you can have a clear view of what they have to offer.


  • Most of their residential inverter models are highly efficient, as much as 97% or more, and we are talking European efficiency here
  • All the inverters have an integrated AC short circuit as well as over voltage protection so that even if the inverter experiences a surge of sudden power, it won’t break the system
  • Most of the GoodWe inverter models have dual MPPTs; some even have 3 MPPTs
  • All of the inverters have IP65 rated protection against splash
  • They have a range of excellent hybrid inverters; in fact, they were ranked as global no. 1 hybrid inverter suppliers by Wood Mackenzie back in July 2020
  • You can achieve real-time load status monitoring with GoodWe’s smart meter
  • All of their inverters are ‘battery ready’ that means you can turn your regular GoodWe inverter into a hybrid one whenever you choose to do so
  • GoodWe inverters allow a DC oversizing between ranges of 33-100%. So that you can get the most out of your panels, it will also enable total load output in compromised weather conditions
  • There are a lot of different models, types, and sizes for you to choose from
  • They have a range of lightweight and portable inverters; say you have to use one for the backhouse, you have the option with GoodWe
  • Standard warranty period and outstanding after-sales service


  • Although their inverters come with a 5-year standard warranty, which most inverter manufacturers give, the monitoring kit, e.g., WIFI Kit, EzConverter, antenna, etc., only has a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years. This is not a deal-breaker yet a drawback to be addressed.

What Monitoring System Does GoodWe Inverter Come With?

There are quite a few monitoring systems of a different calibre that you can go for if you choose GoodWe inverter. A monitoring system makes it a whole lot easy and accessible for you to be updated about the inverter, about its condition and power output, etc. Different models are compatible with varying systems of monitoring; however, most models are compatible with all of them; you just have to make a choice, which is it that you want as yours.


This is an allrounder when it comes to monitoring your system. ‘HomeKit’ is a system offered by GoodWe that monitors load energy consumption in real-time, 24 hours a day. This is an attuned monitoring system based on your needs and the best principles of an ideal monitoring system. All you will need is a stable internet connection.
A smart meter and a Wi-Fi/LAN connectivity module make up the system. GoodWe HomeKit even has the distinction of being intuitive to use. This can be used with inverter-based grid-connected systems; it is also a helpful element that works with any brand or even systems without PV components while recording load consumption.
In short, HomeKit offers you–
  • 24-Hour Real-time Consumption Monitoring
  • Double CT Design – Super Accurate Measurement
  • Usable with Households without PV (Photo Voltaic) system
  • Works with Inverters of Any Brand

WIFI Module

This is another solution to your monitoring needs. With a WIFI module, you can upgrade the inverter program without actually going to the inverter yourself. It also supports breakpoint retransmission, which means when you have this monitoring system installed, you can automatically disconnect broken links, reconnection, and subsequent transmission to prevent data loss.
Don’t worry; this module comes pre-assembled, tested, and shipped. To add to the benefits, this module needs no on-site installation. You can just connect and go to town.
goodwe wifi module

4G Module

Not having a Wi-fi connection is no issue with GoodWe. The 4G Module is easy to install with a Plug-Play design.
Also, it can support several operators worldwide, offering customers convenience and reliability, especially in remote areas without access to Wi-Fi.

PV Master

Just like other inverters, GoodWe also has an all-in-one application called the PV master. With this application on your iPhone or Android, you can monitor about everything that your storage inverter does for you. With the WIFI module connected, you can sync this application on your phone with the inverter. This genius application has several modes to better optimize your power needs.
goodwe inverter monitoring system
Firstly, a general mode runs everything as per usual. This mode lets you use some energy, the rest is used to charge your battery, and the extra power goes back to the grid.
Secondly, an off-grid mode that cuts you off of the grid even if you are connected to abstain you from feeding electricity back to the grid or eating up some. Thirdly, a backup mode to let you consume electricity from the batteries only if the grid connection isn’t available—lastly, the economical mode enabling you to customize the whole ordeal as per your consumption.

Smart Meter

The smart meter is a smart and convenient way for customers to monitor their systems. It is easily installable, and its precise data collection method is mesmerizing.
This smart meter is self-designed to coordinate with the inverter. Please note that the meter comes pre-designed, so you do not need to make any changes. You can sync your smart meter with the PV master application and get all the whereabouts of your inverter from the application.

How Good is GoodWe in Terms of Efficiency and Performance?

It is somewhat elusive to find an inverter these days, balanced perfectly with its tad price, against its attractive features. But GoodWe puts this statement to shame. They are an economically priced inverter manufacturer brand that did not compromise about anything that can potentially degrade their quality.
All of the GoodWe inverters have a European high-efficiency rate of a minimum of 97.2%, which is extraordinary and above the industry average. An efficient inverter will make sure that you get the maximum out of your system. As efficient as it is, they are also a battery-ready inverter, which means at any given moment, you can have an additional battery storage system if you want without having to worry about compatibility.
how good is goodwe in terms of efficiency and performance f1
Another exceptional quality of GoodWe is their DC oversizing capacity. It is not uncommon for a family to increase their energy consumption; it actually does grow in a span of time. What do you do then? Get a whole new system? No! you add solar panels to cater to the additional power needs. In that case, you have to have an inverter that can cope with the change; if you have not installed an inverter already that can handle the extra load, you, my friend, might have to get a new inverter altogether.
However, with GoodWe, they provide much more room for your solar family to grow, thus have 55-200% DC oversizing. This way, you can add more panels without having to worry about it. This also provides with support in extreme weather conditions.
Another thing I have to mention about GoodWe is that how generous they are with MPPTs. Maximum Power Point Tracking or MPPT is a blessing. The MPPT tracks the voltage and current from the solar module to determine when the maximum power occurs in order to extract the maximum power.
The MPPT then adjusts the voltage to the battery to optimize the charging. This results in a maximum power transfer from the solar module to the battery. Having multiple MPPTs adds a cherry to the top of an already sweetened cake; I mean, it enhances these processes’ benefits; thus, we get to enjoy a surge of power.
So, it’s pretty safe to state that GoodWe performs like an absolute champ.

What About Warranty of GoodWe Inverter?

For inverters, nowadays, it is an industry average practice to give consumers a minimum of 2 to a maximum 5 years of warranty with inverters. Although, remember that a quality inverter will serve you for at least 10 years.
GoodWe also practices this norm and gives the customers a 5 years *limited warranty for inverter products. However, being an Aussie, you get to enjoy not 5 but 10 years of warranty with your GoodWe inverter.
Although, there is a catch. If you are brand new to renewable energy and don’t already own a GoodWe inverter, you will not be able to enjoy this extended warranty.
However, if you are planning to buy a brand-new system then, you are eligible for the new and improved 10-years warranty. Note that the 10 years warranty only applies to GoodWe inverters manufactured after the 1st of July, 2020. More about the new warranty terms here.
Warranty of GoodWe Inverter

Is GoodWe Inverter Any Good?

So, are they? This is an inverter that has up to 98% efficiency rate with multiple MPPTs and features like DC oversizing to a fully-fledged application for your convenience to monitor it all.
This inverter offers you excellent warranty periods with the inverter as well as the bits and pieces that come with the inverter. A body so sturdy that it can withstand extreme weather also IP65 rated, proofing against splash and dust.
They also claimed many prestigious awards throughout their journey, which isn’t to be taken lightly. All of this at a price that is affordable by the majority.
So, are they any good? My answer is pretty apparent, yet I will spell it out and tell you a big fat yes, YES! They are not just good but outstanding in many aspects.
I hope a lot of your confusions are no more. The more you know the better. Here is a video that might poke your relevant interests-
If you have any more queries and concerns regarding GoodWe inverter, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You are more than welcome.


I am sure that by this time, you know a whole lot about GoodWe. Yet, I encourage you to sit with one of our solar experts to know about the entire solar system so that your transition to clean energy sources becomes smoother.
As we speak, the global warming challenges are getting even more brutal, and even if we turn away from non-renewables right now, it would be hard for us to completely reverse the effects anytime soon. However, it’s never too late for you to choose and consciously contribute towards a green earth that will be a safe haven for you and your little one’s future.

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