How Long will a 10kw Battery Last – Household Energy Basics

How long will a 10kw battery last
Imagine going a day or two without using any power sources; even an hour without electricity feels like a lifetime! That is dreadful! Well to be honest with the rising power prices and increasing political tension between the multiple nations it’s a risky take to not opt for a 10kW battery backup as soon as you can. Likewise, with the availability of government refunds it is simpler now, but there is no assurance for it to be accessible tomorrow! On that subject, how big a battery should you opt for? How long will a 10kW battery last? These are all legitimate questions, therefore we attempted to summarize them for you in this article.

How Many Hours of Backup Can I Get During Power Outage?

An average household uses up to 750W to a 1000W of electricity during a blackout or power outage situation; assuming they are only using what is necessary to keep things up and going. In that case a 10kW AKA 10,000W battery has the ability to back you up for 10 to 12 hours at a stretch. If you don’t draw power constantly then count an hour or two extra in that time crunch.
However, there is something extremely crucial to understand in this conversation. You will be spending a good amount of money purchasing a 10kW battery, so I assume you would expect that to last at least the max guarantee years. To achieve so, you are going to have to abide by some the manufacturers guidelines to keep your battery alive and well for a long time.
how long will 10kw battery last
All the batteries in the market come with a Dod (Depth of Discharge) percentage which is recommended by the manufacturer. Dod refers to what percentage of the solar battery you can use up before recharging it again. The greater the Dod the more of the battery you can use before recharging. For example, if your 10kW solar battery has 95% Dod, that means you can use about 9.5kW of the power before plugging it back in.
You can use up the whole battery at a go, but in order to keep it in good shape and increased longevity you have to abide by the manufacturer’s rules. Otherwise, this expensive of an investment will not be delivering the best it can. Remember, frequently charging and discharging the solar battery will significantly shorten its lifespan.

A Realistic Example – A Days Consumption

For instance, you are experiencing a blackout. You have a 10kW battery with 95% Dod, that means the optimum kW of energy for you to use now is 9.5kW. In this case, let us look at an example of how and where you can use this power.
  • Medium radiator (heating source) uses 1200W and hour meaning 1200*4=4800W 4hrs a day
  • Three 11W LED lights is 33W an hour and 33*12= 396W for the night time
  • A 400L refrigerator uses 68W an hour which is 68*24= 1632W a day
  • A large flat screen TV uses 100W and hour which is 100*3= 300W for a movie and more
  • A vacuum cleaner uses 1200W an hour and I guess that suffices
  • A warm wash cycle in the washing machine uses about 900W of electricity
  • Miscellaneous use let’s say its 500W for power points to charge your phone
In total that comes to 9728W or 9.7kW approximately watts day being very generous in terms of electricity use. Pretty sure vacuuming during a power shortage situation will probably not be your top priority but we still included that in the calculation to paint a realistic day in most of ours lives.
So, How long will a 10kW battery last? You can see a 10kW battery is more than enough to run your household smoothly for a day if you fully charge it once.

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